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Sadly most of us have been through toxic relationships and while they were damning in a lot of ways they were also quite productive in teaching us things we otherwise would never have learned. You might not have noticed it right off the bat but as time has passed and the days moved on, you most likely are finally seeing the bright side of things.

Breaking free from a toxic situation or a toxic relationship, in general, isn’t ever easy but in doing so we find ourselves more than we could ever imagine. Below I am going to go over some of the more surprising and positive things that come out of being able to move forth on your own. Once you’ve managed to secure your freedom all of these things begin to fall on your lap one by one.

12 Surprising Things That Happen When You Finally Break Free From A Toxic Relationship:

1. You cultivate a sense of independence.

You are finally able to really stand on your own feet. You see things for what they are and know how to move forth. You are no longer depending on someone else in your life to make you happy or make you whole. While it might take a while, it will begin to creep up on you when you least expect it.

2. You find yourself in more ways than you could have imagined.

The more time that passes the more you realize you weren’t able to be yourself while in that toxic situation. Now that you’re able to do and be whoever you want, you’re finding out so much more about yourself. You are growing in ways you never thought you could.

3. You finally have a clear perspective.

When you were in that relationship you didn’t quite understand how toxic it was or what was bothering you the most. Now all of these things are making sense and being put into perspective big time. You are seeing reality as it truly is.

4. You put happiness on a higher pedestal.

You are finally able to put your happiness as high on your list as it should be. You keep your own wellbeing in mind and are able to understand how important it is that you are happy. We only live once and that life is a short one, we have to make the most of it.

5. You realize what you want and what you don’t want.

Now that you’ve been through something so damaging, you know what you want and do not want. You will not allow someone like that back into your life and hold relationships to stricter standards now. This kind of thing will NOT happen again and you will make damn sure of it.

6. You find new things to pass the time.

When we are finally able to be on our own and comfortable we find new things to enjoy. You will be taking on new hobbies and really working to channel your creative side. Some things will seriously begin speaking to you.

7. Self-care becomes a priority.

Because in that relationship you didn’t matter to your partner, you when finally without that person are going to begin making sure you’re taking care of your own emotions and feelings. You will put self-care as a top priority and work to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. When things get hard and you’re frustrated, you can remove yourself from that situation and take a breath.

8. You find out who your true friends are.

The people who stand by your side during this hard time are going to be the ones who truly care for you. When you’re at your worst and in need is when you figure out who your real friends are and who actually has your best interest in mind. Those who dip out weren’t part of your proper support system, to begin with, and you finally understand that.

9. You resonate with those who are also experiencing similar things.

Because you’ve felt this kind of pain, you can understand the pain of others on a level that many would never be able to. You are able to give them advice and help them open up properly. Sure, sharing your experiences might be hard but it is something that you feel you need to do to in a lot of ways gain your own closure. You really take on the things they’re going through as your own.

10. You build your confidence back up.

When you were with that toxic person, your confidence was torn down. As you begin to find yourself again, your confidence will begin presenting itself again. The more time that passes and the harder you work the more powerful you will become.

11. You begin to appreciate the small stuff more.

All of the small things you would normally overlook are now so important to you. You are beginning to see the details in all walks of life and stopping to smell the roses. You were not the kind of person to do this before.

12. You focus more on where you want to be in life.

When you’ve gone through something that changed you to the point where you had to start over, you begin to focus more on where you want to go and who you want to be. Everything has to be mapped out and you have to figure it out on your own. While it’s not as simple as it sounds, it makes the biggest difference in moving forward.