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Whether you’re dealing with serious sleep issues or just facing a couple of rough nights going without sleep is never fun. A lot of people in this day and age experience issues with sleeping and for many it leads to them developing some kind of sleep disorder long-term.

Below I am going to go over some of the best tips in general for overcoming sleep issues. While some of them help and others might not work for you the more you work with them the better they may come to benefit you. Some of these can help you to fall asleep in just under a few minutes. Have you ever tried any of these and if so, which ones have worked for you?

12 Tips For Falling Asleep Quickly:

1. Don’t drink soda before bed, try something a little less full of caffeine.

Drinking caffeinated beverages before you try to sleep will amp you up and make it harder for you to get the rest you need. Try drinking warm milk or perhaps some hot chocolate. Drink anything that will make it easier for you to relax and get comfortable.

2. Try reading before bed (an actual physical book).

Reading is a great way for calming down. This can give you something to do to let go of stress and stop worrying about the things going on in your life. From here you can get situated and wind down properly.

3. Try to get on a proper schedule.

The better situated your schedule is the more capable you will be of getting the rest you need. You need to be able to set a specific time for resting and really allowing yourself to get comfortable. The workday and the time you spend at home should be separated.

4. Stop napping during the daytime.

Napping during the daytime should not happen if you’re struggling to sleep at night. You have to be able to find a proper sense of balance between the two and leave things there. Too much rest during the day makes it hard to get situated once you’re ready for bed.

5. Try lavender scents and oils.

While you might think this trick is too simple to work the lavender scent is very beneficial. You can use other essential oils as well. Take the time to look over them and figure out which ones work best for you and fit your needs.

6. Workout and meditate before laying down.

If you’re struggling to get the rest you need perhaps working out will help you get tired enough to sleep once all is said and done. Meditate so that you won’t have a lot on your mind and then get into bed. This will make things a lot easier.

 7. Lower the temperature of the room.

If you’re not sleeping properly or waking throughout the night you might want to consider adding a fan to the room. This can and will help lower the temperature of the room. You can bundle up and really allow your mind to flow away.

8. Stop looking at the clock.

The more you look at the clock the harder it will be to sleep. Each time you glance up you’re letting go of the relaxed feelings you may have. This makes it harder to sleep and leaves you tossing and turning all night long.

9. Put your phone at least on the other side of the room and turn the TV off.

The light we get from our electronics can and does in many cases keep us up at night. If you sleep with your phone right by your side or you sit on it for hours in bed you need to make some changes. This might be exactly what you need to do.

10. Play some relaxing music.

Find some relaxing music or even some kind of sleep-related ASMR videos/sounds to listen to when trying to get to sleep. For many, this is the only way they can sleep. I, for instance, play thunderstorm noises while I sleep and it keeps me from waking through the night.

11. Watch your breathing.

Practice breathing techniques that are designed to relax you more properly. I do this from time to time by simply finding a relaxing breathing technique video online to have playing across the room as I drift off. Not everyone will benefit from this one but it can really work wonders for those who do.

12. Get as comfortable as you possibly can.

If you’re not sleeping well you might want to consider getting some new pillows or a mattress that suits you better. Listen to your body, if you’re not comfortable something needs to be done. We all deserve to rest and get the sleep we need so that we can function properly.