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When we are in separation from someone we care about, it can be difficult. We may want to reach out, and tell them how we feel, all the while doubting whether it’s a good idea or not.

In some cases, it may not even be that we want to reach out to them, so much as we just want to know they miss us too. Of course, we don’t always want to ask the other person, but there will be signs. As humans, we are all connected because on a quantum level, we are all composed of the same matter and energy. Because of this, without even asking, we can often sense things about each other, even distances away.

So, if you are wondering whether or not you are on someone’s mind, here are 12 spiritual signs that will show up when they do.

1. You’ve seen them in your dreams.

Our dreams connect us in ways most people don’t realize. This is why many people report having premonitions that come true in their dreams, and this is why if you dream about someone you are missing, it’s likely they miss you too. The reason being is that they are visiting you in the astral realm, which is spiritually significant.

2. You have random mood swings.

Out of nowhere, your mood seems to shift, with no noticeable trigger. Around the time your mood shifts, you were thinking about them, or for whatever reason, they randomly pop into your mind.

3. You hear their name a lot.

On television, with others, or even on the radio you may hear their first or even last name. And it may seem completely coincidental, however, in the realm of possibility there is no such a thing as a coincidence.

4. You keep finding white feathers.

Finding white feathers is a sign that someone misses you, and is spiritually connecting with you from afar. If you keep finding them, then it’s likely the other person is thinking deeply about you.

5. You’ve seen owls lately.

And when you go outside, you notice owls, either in your line of vision, or you may hear them more often. If this happens, and you’ve never heard them before, they are trying to tell you that this person misses you.

6. You can’t get them off your mind.

No matter how hard you try, and how successful you may be in blips, you can’t seem to get them off your mind. It’s become so bad, that every time you finally think maybe you are moving on, they pop right back up in your mind.

7. You get goosebumps a lot.

Randomly, you get goosebumps. If it’s cold that’s one thing, but when this happens out of nowhere, and you have a sneaking suspicion or feeling of being watched, this person is likely thinking about you.

8. You notice random signs.

You begin noticing weird things, like inside jokes between you coming to life, or a television show or movie the two of you watched that never comes on suddenly being on television a lot. For me, I heard a song play on the radio that never came on the radio that was special to me and someone I missed. At that moment, I knew they missed me too!

9. You have random sneezing fits.

While sneezing because of pollen or allergies is one thing, random sneezing fits are another. They are a sign that someone is thinking about you and misses you.

10. Your ear burns.

Have you ever heard the adage about if your ears burn, someone is thinking about you? If you notice your ears get red-hot for apparently no other reason, then it’s likely this special person misses you.

11. You feel phantom touches.

You feel random phantom touches out of nowhere. A phantom touch is a sensation of being touched when no one is around you. When this happens, this person is likely trying to reach out to you in their mind.

12. You randomly hear their voice.

Out of nowhere, when you are alone, you hear them calling out and talking. When you answer back, you get no response, because they aren’t physically there, but still, it makes you feel unsettled.