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Spiritual enlightenment is something that means a lot of things and is a little different to each and every one of us. Sure, the topic, in general, might be confusing but once you’ve finally felt the enlightenment in itself everything will begin to make sense.

For those who do not know enlightenment by definition is the act of being enlightened or aware. You cannot be enlightened and still assume things about others and you cannot be judgmental, this kind of thing holds far more positivity than you could ever imagine. It goes hand in hand with true understanding and compassion and should always be looked at from a perspective that holds no preconceived notions.

Yogapedia wrote as follows in regards to enlightenment and what it is on a core level:

Explanations of enlightenment vary depending on the tradition. In Buddhism, enlightenment is usually seen as an awakening to the absolute Truth, which releases the enlightened individual from the cycle of reincarnation.

In Hinduism, it is described as a divine, transcendent experience. Sometimes it is described as a sudden, transformative moment of awakening and other times it is seen as a more gradual process of being liberated from the bondage of the mind.

In terms of paths to enlightenment, different schools of yoga and philosophy prescribe different routes. For instance, classical Advaita Vedanta promotes Jnana yoga as a way of attaining enlightenment through spiritual study, whereas Bhakti yoga pursues enlightenment through devotion and the worship of ‘God.’

Below I am going to go over some of the more prominent signs that you or perhaps someone close to you might be experiencing this kind of awakening or transition through life. While it might feel overwhelming, you can make it through this. The grass on the other side truly is much greener in this case.

12 Signs You’re On Your Way To True Spiritual Enlightenment:

1. You are not as anxious and are able to feel truly at peace.

Now that you’re on the same page with the universe, you are no longer nerved out. Everything feels much quieter and you’re able to finally relax. Peace has found you and with good reason.

2. You live very much in the moment and are not afraid of anything.

You used to fear lots of things in the past but now you fear next to nothing. You have become more aware of the worked around you and began to see just how short our lives actually are. Tomorrow is not promised.

3. You don’t allow other people’s perspectives to define who you are and how you operate as a human being.

The things people say about you or try to trick you into doing are no longer allowed in your life. You have set proper boundaries and are refusing to allow anyone to cross them. While these lengths shouldn’t have to be gone too, they are important in your means of moving forward.

4. You feel much more intuitive than you were in the past.

The intuition you feel right now is liked directly with the energies of the world. The more you work with them the more powerful they will become. Perhaps you should try to do some white light meditation and really pushing through?

5. You are constantly working to bring the people you care about the most together.

You are a very kind and caring person, you want the people you love to love one another also. This is not an easy feat and usually ends badly but for some reason we all do it. That being said, these get-togethers are the bee’s knees when you’re in the right mood.

6. You’re much more drawn to nature now than you have ever been.

Nature finally calls for you. You want to spend as much time as you possibly can outside and with your flowers. Do not hesitate to take a break.

7. You come to terms with the mask you’ve always worn.

Now that you’re becoming more and more enlightened you are beginning to see the mask you’ve been wearing quite clearly. From here it is up to you to get rid of him, this is a lot easier than you’d think. Perhaps you could grow to be more like the person you are without the mask.

8. You are more in tune with your emotions.

Enlightenment puts you at a serious increase when it comes to emotional capacity. Your heart is getting bigger and so much is flooding into it. In this kind of situation, think about your gut intuition and your feelings as a whole.

9. You have begun questioning everything and accepting that sometimes answers cannot be found.

Sometimes we cannot find the answers that we are looking for and there is nothing wrong with that. Life doesn’t hand us everything and even when we think we’re at the top of our own ‘world’ things come crashing down. Reality hits much harder than anyone could ever imagine.

10. You are taking charge of your life and have set proper boundaries.

You know what you want in life and what you don’t want. If someone comes along that does not manage to make use of your boundaries, be quick to call them out. There is a lot more to being truly happy than people tend to want to admit.

11. You feel more yourself than you ever have before.

You are finally yourself, everything you thought you knew about who you were is changing and you’re beginning to really explore your own being in all possible manners. Enlightenment isn’t all fun and games, there are serious sides to this kind of thing as well.

12. Drama has no place in your life now.

You do not allow drama in your life. People who partake in drama and engage in gossip are not the kinds of people you want around. If they cannot say it to someone’s face, they shouldn’t be saying it at all. You’re able to really move forward because of this.