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Negative energy is something that we all face sometimes. It can be surrounding us without us even noticing and if you are someone facing it, it could be wreaking havoc in your life.

Negative energy doesn’t just sit and wait, it acts constantly and can do a lot of negative things to us. It can and will drain you of your positivity and might even leave you feeling like complete shit before everything is said and done. Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that you might be surrounded by negativity and then once that is out of the way we are going to go over some amazing ways to try and chase that negative energy away.

12 Sign’s You’re Facing Negative Energies:

1. You feel super exhausted out of the blue.

You just cannot get the rest you need. Even when you get a full nights sleep, you wake up feeling as if you never went to bed. It is as if your fatigue is coming from somewhere you cannot identify.

2. You are overly stressed all the time.

You are at a point to where you want to tear your hair out. Everything is bothering you and the stress is piling up. It feels as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

3. You are no longer taking care of yourself.

You don’t bother to do the small things you used to do. You are no longer taking care of yourself properly, and you sometimes even forget to eat.

4. You are having trouble sleeping.

You are facing insomnia big time. You are having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. It’s like the harder you try the worse things get.

5. You are blaming others more than usual.

When you make a mistake you jump right into blaming someone else. This is the negativity around you making changes within you, and this is a very bad sign.

6. You cannot quite find yourself.

When we are surrounded by negativity we often lose ourselves. The harder we try to make sense of it all the further we end up digging. This is something that cannot be resolved until the negative energies are cleared.

7. You feel down in the dumps even when you have no reason to.

You feel as if nothing is going right in your life. You are upset and even with no reason feel like the world is against you. Once again, your efforts to make things better are not going to do much since you have no clue where to actually begin.

8. Relaxing is impossible.

You are on edge constantly; you cannot chill out. Relaxing is not something you remember how to do.

9. You seem to be misplacing things a lot.

You lose things all the time. Your keys and cell phone disappear almost daily. This is a sign you need to give yourself some time to clear your mind.

10. Communicating properly has become impossible.

You are constantly getting into misunderstandings and refusing to explain yourself. Communications are only becoming more and more tense and this is a bad thing. If this is not resolved conflict is only going to become more and more common in your life.

11. You aren’t acting like yourself.

You are saying and doing things you would normally not do. This is because these energies have a grasp on you. You have to learn to shake yourself loose.

12. Your mind is constantly spinning and full of negative thoughts.

Your mind will not let you rest. Negativity has infiltrated your life, and it is pushing you around and running your day to day activities. You cannot continue on like this.

Now, when we find that these things are happening in our lives we should realize that there is nothing we can do about them unless we truly WANT to do something about them. Negative energy is not going to leave without a fight and it is going to take a few days or weeks to clear it all out depending on how severely entangled in your world it is.

When it comes to driving negativity out of your life you have to begin within and go from there. You might be surrounding yourself with toxic people or even just acting in a manner that draws it to you. There is a reason as to why it is surrounding you in this manner.

If you add the following things to your daily life the negative energies will begin making their way out. Steering yourself properly will put you where you need to be. Negative energy is not going to be in control when you finally realize it is there.

8 Ways To Remove Negativity From Your Life:

1. Create an attractor for low energies.

Pour a glass of water and set intentions on that glass. Make sure it is known that lower energies in your life are to be absorbed by that water. Always keep the glass filled and add to it as needed. When you feel the energies are gone pour the glass outside in the yard. Let Mother Nature work her magic on it.

2. Use sea salt.

Sea salt is known to banish negativity. Sprinkle some into a glass of water and drink it or if you don’t want to do that, bathe in some sea salt water. Make sure to set your intent over the bath before getting in. Let it be known that this bath is to cleanse your life of all negativity. Do this a few times a week.

3. Meditate more often.

Meditating is one of the best ways to get rid of negativity. Let go of anything that does not belong. If it is pulling you down, it does not need to stick around.

4. Say a clearing prayer or mantra.

Your prayer or mantra can be anything you choose. This will be something you say time and time again to remind yourself and the Universe that these negative energies do not belong. It can be something simple like ‘These negative energies do not belong in my life and they do not have power over me, wash them away,’ or anything you think you are comfortable with. Make sure it is something you can remember with ease.

5. Practice smudging with sage.

Sage is one of the best ways to get rid of negative energies. I personally use white sage to smudge but normal sage will do as well. Say your clearing mantra while smudging and do it all through your house with the windows and doors open. You will notice a huge energy difference in the end.

6. Set a strong intent.

Set your intent every morning. Something like ‘Negative energies do not have a place in my life, today will be positive,’ or something else you feel comfortable with. Make sure you do this each morning or night. It will help strengthen you from within. You can even do this during mediation if you choose.

7. Watch the things you say and do.

Be aware of your Karma. Know what you are doing and saying. Keep up with how these things may affect other people. Do good so that you can receive good.

8. Work to counter your stress.

Work through your stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed take a day off. We all need a little time to clear our minds here and there. If you are stressed out there has to be a reason as to why.