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Emotional wounds are hard to heal because we don’t always notice that they’re present, to begin with. We go through so many ups and downs in life that the wounds stemming from them tend to get locked away in the back of our minds. 

Whether you’re recovering from a breakup, missing someone who has passed, struggling because of some kind of illness or anything else of the sort you could be facing emotional wounds. Wounded people often try the hardest to put these things behind them, but they don’t usually do-so in the best ways. You can’t just wish for something to stop bugging you, you have to make changes to achieve that and accept that you’re right now not okay. 

In order to truly support your healing , you have to accept that you’re wounded before anything else. Accept that something did affect you and that you do need to work through it. If you are unsure regarding whether you’re emotionally wounded or not the signs should make things clear. To see if the signs match up with where you are in life take a peek at the list below and ask yourself if these things apply to you.

12 Signs You’re Emotionally Wounded:

1. You find yourself questioning everything.

In life we question things, that is always going to happen but when you find yourself struggling to accept things as they are, you’ve got a problem. The more wounded we are the more we’re going to question the people around us and the things we’re doing. Closing ourselves off is not the best idea when this happens.

2. You are withdrawn from people you usually spent all your time with.

The more wounded we are the more we are going to withdraw from the people we care the most for. We think that by doing this we can help protect them and work on ourselves but that’s usually not the case. We need the support of those who care more than ever when we’re struggling.

3. You feel so much that you’re unable to feel anything.

The more you feel the worse things are going to become and you have to become numb before you can really change things. While this is uncomfortable and hard to deal with it is something you can work through. Talking about things is one of the best ways of getting them off of your chest whether you realize it or not.

4. You struggle to concentrate.

The more pain we’re in the harder it is for us to concentrate. You have to accept this and address the things that are bothering you before you can get back to normal. Focusing on the issue at hand first is going to help you find a place to stand firmly moving forth. 

5. You feel very disconnected from the world around you.

When we are going through something that we are not sharing with other people we tend to end up feeling very disconnected. While this is only temporary, it is a big deal. You’re not as alone as you think you are and you need to remember that.

6. You cry very easily over the smallest things.

The more emotional we are the more our emotions will try to come out. When there is something bothering us we will sometimes cry over the smallest things. This is our body’s way of letting go of the emotions we’re refusing to address.

7. You feel so stuck in your everyday life.

When we need to make changes in our lives we tend to end up feeling quite stuck. The more we continue forth in our normal manner the harder it will become to keep things up. In this moment we need a break whether we’re open to the idea or not.

8. You feel like changes need to be made.

When change is needed the most you will notice. While you might not be willing to accept it or embrace it, it will be clear to you. If you feel like you need change, make some changes. You are the only person in charge of your life. Only YOU can fix what you’re facing.

9. You don’t seem to enjoy things you used to enjoy.

When the things you used to love stop mattering to you, this should be a clear sign that there is something bothering you. Why are you no longer able to embrace the things you once loved? What has changed that made you close yourself off?

10. You feel like nothing in your life matters.

When you feel like nothing in your life matters anymore it is usually because something big has happened. While accepting that this thing happened or that things are different now isn’t easy, it is crucial. You can’t move on if you’re still stuck in the past.

11. You are always replaying the things that are bothering you in your mind.

When something is bothering you whether you want to admit it or not you’re going to think about it a lot. If something is on your mind and you can’t work through it on your own you might need someone to help. There is nothing wrong with leaning on those who care for you for support.

12. You’re easily irritated on an extreme level. 

The more we’re struggling with the more on edge we usually become. This is something you can work through if you are able to address the problem and move forth from a place of growth but not everyone is capable of this right off the bat. Give yourself time and remember that it’s not everyone else’s fault that you’re struggling, most people don’t even know what you’re going through.