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Life is a very complicated thing and oftentimes when we think we’ve figured everything out, a shift occurs. Nothing is certain and the future in itself is whatever we make of it. 

If you have been feeling as though you were stuck in a rut and unable to find a way to move forward you are in serious need of change. Change can happen for you if you’re open to it and you work hard enough for it. Sure, it might feel like things are getting worse before they get better but that’s just how this world works. 

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that your life is headed for some drastic changes. If these signs are present for you then you are well on your way to being where you want in life. Remain true to who you are and keep working hard, things are going to get better.

12 Signs Your Life Is About To Change For Your Own Good:

1. You’re excited about where you’re headed in life.

When we are facing serious change we find ourselves actually being excited about the things we’re doing and where we’re going. Sure, you have your ups and downs but you’re really working hard and ready to see things pay off. You’re putting forth a lot of feeling into the things you’re doing and really putting your best foot forward.

2. You’re actually curious and actively working to uncover new things.

While you will still have moments where things feel a bit scary overall you’re curious about exploring and trying new things. Rather than closing yourself off, you’re opening yourself up. This is a beautiful process that not many people get to be a part of.

3. Lots of opportunities are presenting themselves before you.

You keep finding that lots of things are heading your way. When one door closes two more open and you’re able to choose which one suits you best. Opportunities have never been this prominent in your life and you feel like you’re really getting things done in your own life.

4. You actually feel like you know what you want for once.

Rather than feeling lost and confused you feel like you know what you want out of your life. You know the direction you want to go in and just how you want to end up. While it might take some time to get there, you’re well on your way and you have a plan.

5. You’re very self-conscious.

As we become more aligned with our true selves we do become a bit more self-conscious. That being said, you can work through this. The more you grow the more your insecurities will try to hold you back.

6. You’ve cut ties with those who were holding you back.

You are no longer allowing toxic people to hold places in your life. The more someone drags you down the quicker you are to cut them out of your life. You now know how to limit your exposure to toxic people.

7. You’re building proper connections with the people around you.

Instead of being isolated and spending all of your time alone you’re going out and having fun. You’re making memories with the people around you and becoming closer to those who matter. We all need friends and you’re beginning to see that.

8. You’re giving more to those who are in need.

You’re taking the time to help the people around you. When someone seems to be in need you’re there for them. While you know your limits you are willing to do things for the people around you that others might not be willing to do.

9. You’re really pushing yourself.

You find that the more you push yourself the further you get and because of that you’re so much more driven than you normally would be. You’re getting things done and making real efforts in life. Things are really working out for you.

10. You keep having ‘break downs.’

While it might seem like a lot is going well, you’re still becoming overwhelmed and there are still setbacks. You find yourself having lots of break downs and wanting to give up frequently. This is all part of the process, remember to believe in yourself above all else.

11. You’re opening up to new things and experiences overall.

You feel like you’re finally experiencing so much and as a result, you’re willing to go out and do things that you otherwise would not be willing to do. You’re taking on new hobbies and making friends in some of the strangest places. This is a great way to grow.

12. You feel very out of place in general.

Rather than feeling as if you’re right where you need to be, you feel out of place. It’s like the whole world is mixed up and you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing. This will pass in time, it is a fleeting feeling that change never ceases to bring forth.


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