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In this day and age, we tend to forget the powers within ourselves. Healing is not always something doctors do, if you are someone who heals others on an energetic level chances are you don’t even know it.

Most of those who are capable of doing shamanic work or just cleansing energy fields, in general, are not aware of their abilities in this modernized world. They may feel different but they, for the most part, struggle to understand why they are experiencing the things that they are. They are drawn to positions in which they can do good in this world and are very much inclined to all they can to better the lives of those around them.

If you want to know whether or not you are a healer at heart you should take the time to check out the list of signs below. These signs will be present in the lives of all healers and will truly set them out from the rest of the people on this planet. Healers are truly capable of so much more than most could ever imagine so if you are one, you should be working to enhance your abilities big time, this gift is not one that is to be ignored.

12 Signs You’re A Healer Whether You’re Able To See It Or Not:

1. You are a great listener.

Healers are some of the best listeners in the world. They are always able to take in the information being spat at them no matter how serious it is. As a healer you’ve been told all kinds of crazy things and feel as if you have to listen when people come to you. You are not as good at saying no or removing yourself from the situation as you should be.

2. You never feel like you truly belong anywhere.

You as a healer might not feel as if you fit in anywhere. You will most likely feel like somewhat of an outcast or wanderer even when home and beside those who care for you the most. This is because you belong to the source and are only here to do the work placed before you.

3. You usually go out of your way to help others.

Sure, most people make fun of you for it, but if you’re a healer you cannot help but be there for the people who need you. If you see someone struggling you will go out of your way to make their situation a little better. You do all you can for all of the people in your life.

4. When you feel something, you feel it harder than most would.

Healers feel their emotions on a deeper level than the people around them. When something hits them it hits them hard. If you are a healer then you take everything even the small things to heart. One setback can feel like the end of the world, literally.

5. You hear or see things other people cannot.

As a healer, you will be able to see and hear things that many will not be able to pick up on. These could be faint messages from your guardians or actually being able to communicate with those from the other side. This all varies from person to person and can be on a very insignificant level sometimes.

6. You are a very introverted person.

If you are a healer you will also most likely be quite introverted. Being around lots of other people or out in crowds will throw you off. It will drain you of your energies and leave you feeling quite exhausted.

7. You are really good at cheering other people up.

As a healer, you will be able to cheer others up with ease. When someone is upset your smile is more than enough to brighten their day. It’s like you can sense when something is wrong (which you normally can) and know exactly what to say. You truly have a way with words.

8. You can sense things others cannot.

Healers are able to sense things that other people cannot. You will be able to pick up on the energies around you. If a room is overwhelmingly negative or there is a threat behind the door to your right, you will feel it. While that feeling will sometimes be faint it will still be quite present in your life.

9. You feel much more connected to animals and nature than people.

If you’re a healer you’re going to feel a lot more connected to nature and animals than you are the people around you. Nature and animals are innocent where-as people are quite tainted. Their energies will come across as much more appealing to you.

10. Most people come to you for advice.

While it might be a bit frustrating at times, if you are a healer people might come to you for advice frequently. They know that you will tell them what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. They understand that you unlike most other people are capable of looking at things from an outside perspective and giving them the words they should be following.

11. You are able to read people with ease.

If you are a healer you are going to be able to read other people without much effort. You can sense their intentions and tell whether or not they are being sincere when they are speaking to you. You pick up on a lot of things that most other people couldn’t imagine.

12. Children seem to be quite drawn to you.

When you are a healer at heart children will flock to you whether you like them or not. They will feel safe with you even if you don’t say a single word. You might find yourself caring for them in more ways than you’d ever expected. They can sense your aura and know you would never hurt them and will help them when they need it.