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We all question where we are going in life at one point or another. There is always going to be that moment where we wonder if we are truly living life in the way we should be.

Sure, these questions will always come up, but the answers should also come easily. When we are on the wrong path, most of the time we can feel it on some level. You see, the right path is one that resonates with us.

Don’t get me wrong, while the right path is rarely ever the easiest one, it is the one you connect with the most. Even during the bad times, it feels right. For the times when you aren’t sure, take a look at the list below. If the following signs are present in your life, you are on the path you need to be on.

12 Signs You’ve Been On The Right Path All Along:

1. You are nervous about the future.

You are afraid of what is to come. The unknown is something that would scare anyone. Just because you are afraid does not mean you are going down the wrong path.

2. You are noticing a lot of synchronicities.

You see repeating numbers quite frequently and are always coming across people who feel as if they were meant to be in your life. Synchronicities come in many forms. They are in a sense meaningful coincidences.

3. Things are NOT perfect.

One of the biggest signs that you are headed in the right direction is that you are struggling. Things are not going perfectly because you are still working on them. We all have to work hard to get where we need to be in life.

4. You are meeting people who are changing your life.

You are always coming across people who have a lasting impact on you. These people come into your life at the perfect time and change everything. Some of these people are good and others are bad. That being said, they are all important.

5. You have no idea what comes next.

You don’t know where you are going from here, and you are terrified. Nothing is certain and life has you quite confused. This is how things are supposed to be.

6. You are not always happy.

Just because we are happy does not mean we are going down the right path. Sometimes being unhappy is one of the best indicators. We have to go through sadness to find happiness on lots of occasions. Everything that happens in our lives are lessons we must learn from.

7. You know that sometimes we have to get through the bad to find the good.

There is always a light in the darkness, you know this. If you know this, then you are doing something right. This is something tons and tons of people struggle to accept.

8. You have let go of the past.

You have learned to overcome the past. Nothing is holding you back. Everything is welcome to fall right into place as it should.

9. You might not be succeeding in the ways you want to be.

Not everything turns out how you want it to. You are someone who knows failure quite well. Succeeding is great, but as mentioned above, we have lots of lessons to learn.

10. You are dealing with loss (this comes in many forms).

Whether this is in the form of a job, relationship, or even the death of a loved one going through loss is a sign things are changing. The path you are on is not an easy one, I cannot stress that enough. You will experience loss time and time again no matter what.

11. You feel like you are finding yourself.

When you are going down the right path in life, you are slowly finding yourself. While this takes some time, you can feel it happening. You can tell what is going on within, you are becoming more whole.

12. You are not always comfortable.

Being uncomfortable is a good sign. It means you are learning and adapting. The more you deal with this, the more you will push down the path you were meant to travel.