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There is nothing shameful in seeking the help you need regardless of what that entails. If you’re going through something or struggling to figure out what you need to do to make yourself feel better, seeking therapy will benefit you greatly.

Therapy can help you handle your emotions, deal with stress, overcome your past, and move forward in the best ways possible. Whether you need a little guidance and motivation or to dive deep within your own mind, therapy is a means of overcoming and should always be seen as such. These professionals are not just trying to take your money or make you feel bad while finding the right therapist for you can be a task, achieving it can build your confidence, bring you peace within your own mind and so much more.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that perhaps you need therapy on some level. While it might not seem like it off the bat if you’re internalizing different things and struggling to overcome taking to someone that you otherwise don’t know might really be more than enough to kick things in gear. Once you actually go in and discuss things, you will see why therapy is such a popular means of working through issues.

12 Signs You Should Probably See A Therapist:

1. You are having thoughts about hurting yourself or ending your own life.

If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or doing something more extreme, you need to talk to someone about it. These thoughts are stemming from somewhere and there is help for you out there. You can make it through what you are facing and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Ending the life you live isn’t a solution to the issues you’re dealing with. There are therapists out there who will be more than happy to stand by your side as you work through this.

2. You’re unable to find the motivation it takes to do things.

Motivation is something a lot of people struggle with and talking to a therapist can help you figure out what you’re lacking in life that might be forcing these feelings down. The more motivated you want to be the more you need to open up. You can’t find the motivation you need if you never begin looking for it.

3. You feel overwhelmed in your day to day life.

Your day to day life might be hectic but that doesn’t mean you should feel like it’s beating you down. The more overwhelmed you are the more clear it should be that you need therapy. Talking to someone that can explain to you where the issues are coming from and perhaps when you’re doing too much will benefit you and your life overall.

4. You find yourself worrying excessively to a point where it is taking up a lot of your day.

We all worry but when worrying comes to a point where it is constant, you need to seek help. Whether you need medication or merely a few hours of meditation each day, therapy can benefit you. You can work through the worries coming forth and separate the realistic ones from those that could never happen.

5. You feel like there is something affecting you that is keeping you up at night or making it hard for you to do things like eat.

If you can’t sleep at night or are struggling to eat there has to be something causing it. Overcoming that without knowing exactly what it is, isn’t possible. Therapy can help in this kind of situation and get you back on track, while it takes time it is crucial for overcoming and getting back to normal.

6. You have faced serious trauma (this comes in many forms and is a wide spectrum).

When you have gone through trauma of some kind regardless of what that trauma was you should talk to someone about it when you’re ready. I have been through a lot and was not able to fully realize how it was affecting me until I got therapy. Just because you go talk to someone doesn’t mean you’re crazy, it means you care about your mental wellbeing.

7. You feel stuck in life.

Life should not feel like a prison. If you’re stuck in life you need to talk to someone who can help you come up with a game plan for getting unstuck. The more time you spend talking things through the easier this will become.

8. You find yourself in one toxic relationship right after another.

Toxic relationships take a lot from us and leave us feeling devastated. They can reduce our confidence and completely rid us of our self-esteem. Therapy can help you figure out why you’re so drawn to these kinds of people and how to make changes that will benefit your wellbeing.

9. You don’t know how to deal with your emotions.

If you are internalizing your emotions and not dealing with the things before you, therapy can help. Through getting therapy you will be able to bring up and work through the things you’ve been feeling and refusing to allow yourself to feel. You will never be able to overcome if you never address.

10. You feel hopeless and are unable to overcome the difficulties you’re facing.

Sometimes we end up feeling hopeless and lost, this is a part of life but when that feeling persists we have an issue growing. You need to find someone that you can open up to who is unbiased and willing to really tell you the hard truths that most would hide. Therapy can provide exactly that for you and more.

11. You are grieving loss be it someone’s death, a relationship ending, or some kind of serious event.

We all grieve different things in different ways. There is nothing wrong with seeking therapy over the loss of a loved one or even just having experienced something that really upset you. When it comes to friends and family they can be hard to talk to about these kinds of things and therapists will listen, no matter what.

12. You feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to.

When you feel like you need to talk but have no one to turn to, your therapist will be there. He or she will listen to whatever it is you have to say and not judge you one bit. This is something I feel everyone should have in their lives and deserves.

See, there are lots of reasons for therapy and most of them are not as intense as you might assume. If you are wondering how to seek therapy or what kind of therapist you might need please check out the video below. It will cover all of that and more.