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Love is a universally sought-after experience that the vast majority of us will either seek or experience at one point in our life. A major part of that journey is our attempt to find the elusive ‘one.’

For some of us, this journey is easy. We begin dating and soon after meeting the person we later marry and then spend the rest of our lives with them. While this is lovely for those that it happens to, it’s not a reality for the majority of people. For the rest of us, it will take us a few failed attempts and some years. But all of it becomes worth it when we finally experience the love of our life. If you feel like you may have met the love of your life, there will be signs to confirm. Here are 12 to look out for.

1. They make you want to be a better person.

Being with this person inspires you to be the best version of yourself. You have all kinds of ideas in your mind for what you want to do with yourself and you have changed in many wonderful ways since being with them. And it’s not because they have told you to change, it’s because you are ready for the next level with them.

2. They support you.

When you express a new idea or something you feel drawn to do, your partner is supportive. Even when they may not see your vision the same way you do, they support you. Having a supportive partner is so important in life.

3. They are your best friend.

If you are in a relationship with someone and they are your best friend, there is no better type of relationship to be in. It’s so important to be friends with your partner first. The reason for this should be obvious, but to put it simply, friendship is the foundation on which the relationship will last.

4. You feel grounded around them.

A sure-fire way to see if your partner is good for you is if they are grounding to you. If they bring you peace and make you calm when everything in the world seems chaotic, they are your person.

5. You have a high level of respect for each other.

Respect is fundamental in a relationship. Without it, all is lost. While that might seem obvious, I think it’s really important to make it clear that even if all of the signs are present, if your partner does not respect you, they are NOT the one.

6. You balance one another.

There has always been this saying that says, “opposites attract,” and while there might be something to this, I think it more so has to do with balance. Think about it: if you have two people who are very extroverted and need to be the center of attention they are going to struggle to be together. But if you have one listening partner and one who is extroverted and loves to talk, you have a perfect match.

7. You felt an instant connection.

When you first meet the one, you are going to have an odd feeling. It will almost be as though you’ve known them your whole life. The conversation will come easy, and everything will just flow. It’s hard to explain but if you know, you know.

8. You can feel it in your gut.

Deep down in your gut, you can tell when you’ve met the one. You will feel at peace around them. You will feel a connection before one ever has time to manifest and you will instinctively understand that they are the one.

9. They want to grow.

It’s so important to have a growth mindset when you are in a relationship. If you enter into one and you aren’t able to consider that you could be better or that you need to grow and become better, when fights happen, it’s going to be hard to push through. The thing is, people are supposed to grow and change over time. If you refuse to, a relationship might not be a good option for you just yet.

10. You have the same vision for life.

This is another deal breaker or deal maker. The thing is, you can have all the chemistry in the world, but if your partner doesn’t want the same things as you do in life, it isn’t going to work. Examples of this are if one partner wants kids and the other does not. Or if one partner is ambitious and the other is complacent.

11. You can be yourself with them.

It’s important to feel at ease with your partner. You don’t want to spend your life with someone that you have to be something or someone completely different around to be with them. The thing is, eventually you will get tired of masking and your true self will come out.

12. You fight for the relationship, not to be right.

Fighting is inevitable. All couples have disagreements. The difference is, are you fighting to be right, or are you fighting to make the relationship work? There is a difference. And it matters.