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Empathy is not something everyone has enough of but in some cases, it is something people actually end up having an excess of. While you might think being too empathetic is a bad thing, it really isn’t.

For those who might not know empathy is basically a person’s ability to understand and share the feelings another person is having. It is a form of relating to others. Some people have such a strong empathy that they take on the emotions of others as their own and while it is a powerful gift it can also hold them back.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might have an above average empathy level. If these things apply to you then you are the kind of person who needs to learn how to better guard his or her heart. Through better understanding yourself you will be able to gain more strength and find a sense of purpose.

12 Signs You Have An Above Average Empathy Level:

1. You are a wonderful listener.

You are always there when other people need you. You are able to lend an ear no matter what. People come to you when they need to spill their guts and they know you will not share their secrets with anyone.

2. You are a very supportive person.

You are always there when people are at their lowest points. You are a supportive and kind friend to all who show you that they need you. You build people up instead of tearing them down.

3. You can sense negative vibes.

You are able to sense when someone is overly negative in general. Negative vibes give off a specific feel and you are able to spot it from a mile away. People just cannot get this kind of thing over on you.

4. You become emotionally overwhelmed frequently.

You are sometimes unable to differentiate your emotions from those of others. You become emotionally overwhelmed because of this and while it doesn’t happen 24/7 it does happen frequently.

5. People often come to you for advice.

You are not the kind of person to spread rumors or give advice that was not asked for. That being said, people do sometimes come to you asking for it. When people come to you, you do not turn them away.

6. You tend to attract people who need fixing.

You often attract people who need to be fixed. They are basically energy vampires who are not in the place mentally that they need to be. While you will feel the need to help these people, some of them cannot be helped.

7. You avoid confrontation.

You do not like confrontation and you try and avoid it at all costs because it makes you uncomfortable on a deeper level. You like to see the emotions and things coming your way. When it comes to not being aware of the things that are coming forth you completely shut down.

8. You put the needs of others before your own.

You are always caring for other people and making sure their needs are completely covered. All the while you are not really thinking about yourself or your own needs. This kind of thing is not okay, you have to be able to take care of yourself if you want to take care of others.

9. You are quite introverted.

Because you are so empathetic you tend to close yourself off and opt to spend more time on your own. This is because when you are on your own you don’t have to feel anything for anyone but yourself. You just get to relax on a deeper level.

10. You love being connected with people.

You are the kind of person that really enjoys feeling genuinely connected with other people. You love being with someone on that deep level. While most others overlook this kind of thing you pay close attention. If someone cannot truly communicate you won’t know how to approach them.

11. You often give way more than you should.

You are the kind of person that tends to give a lot more than you should to those who do not deserve it. You care too much and are often willing to go above and beyond when you probably shouldn’t. People tend to tell you that you need to stop doing this but you never will.

12. You tend to seek balance.

You don’t like being out of balance. You are the kind of person that wants to make sure you don’t favor one person over the others in your life or anything of the sort. While success and your goals are important you look at a lot more than just that.