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Witches are even now not what we would consider to be accepted. While the road to acceptance has come a very long way we still have plenty left to go.

You could be a hereditary witch and not know it, lots of witches even now choose to remain in the dark. Some families reveal their magical aspects to the newer generations where-as others choose to keep it a secret. If your family is doing or has done the following you may come from a long line of witches and not even know it.

12 Signs you Come From A Long Line of Witches:

1. Your family loves to be in nature.

Your family is very nature oriented. You all like to be outdoors and spend a lot of time going on walks and exploring. Witches feel at pease in nature.

2. Your family is always interested in the things you dream about.

Your family knows what your dreams mean and their importance. If you have a nightmare they are right beside you asking what it was about. They reassure you when nothing is wrong and let you know what it is your dream might mean.

3. Your family pays attention to things others do not (for instance, moon phases.)

Let’s face it, most families don’t keep up with this kind of stuff but your family is like a walking calendar. You were taught from a young age that paying attention to things like the moon was quite important. Most people can’t even tell what a full moon really is, they merely lookup and see what they think is the whole moon and go with it.

4. You all have ‘witch marks’ of some kind.

Do you all have the same birthmark or something of that nature? This could be your witches mark; all witches have a mark of some kind.

5. Your family uses a lot of ‘potions’ or ‘remedies.’

Witches are always working on some kind of potion be it to cure a sickness or even bring good luck. There is a remedy for everything and your family puts them all to good use. This should be a big red flag.

6. Your family loved to tell you ‘fairytales’ when you were young.

Your family members would get very into the stories they told you. Everything felt as if it had a deeper meaning. They also never asserted that those things were ‘merely stories.’

7. You feel that your family is different.

Your family sticks out like a sore thumb sometimes. You know your family is odd but not to the extent. Even when you were younger you felt different from everyone else.

8. The advice your family gives is often not easy to interpret or come across as odd.

Your family gives you advice that is often hard to follow. You struggle to understand meaning in their words until you need to understand. It is almost like the things they say are riddles.

9. Your family does not go out often.

Your family prefers solitude. You are also this way, you have friends and like hanging out but are not one to party often. You are just a bit more reserved than most.

10. Your family pushed you to believe in magic from a young age.

When you were young no one ever told you that magic was not real. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite your love for magic was fed into. Your family taught you that anything is possible if you believe.

11. You were taught from a young age to respect all living things.

You are respectful of everyone and everything. You care strongly for animals and do not harm anyone. You are quite caring, to say the least as most witches are.

12. Your family is skilled in gardening and other things that benefit ‘witches.’

Your family is able to come up with some amazing things. You grow your own herbs and know exactly how to use them. Everything about your families ‘hobbies’ screams ‘witches.’