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We all go through a lot in our lives but not everything we go through is as intense as a complete recalibration. To be completely honest, when it comes to recalibrations some people never even go through a single one whereas others will have several throughout a mere lifetime.

For those who do not know a recalibration consists of a change within. This change affects your mind, body, and soul. It really engulfs all of your being. This kind of thing happens when we go through a serious time of spiritual growth. The more we learn and adapt the more change we will find.

Spiritual enlightenment or as some call it spiritual awakening are both very connected with recalibrations. Through these recalibrations, we grow more and more in-tune with our higher selves and the universe as it is. You might have even gone through one of these without knowing what they were. They are things that we experience in some of the most unexpected moments.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be facing a recalibration. This can take a few days for some and for others months, it varies from person to person so don’t get too upset if you feel like it is taking too long. In the end, everything will even out and you will be closer to where you need to be.

12 Signs You Are Going Through A Complete Recalibration of Your Whole Being:

1. You are seeking new things.

You go out of your way to learn and try new things. The more you seek the more you will find. This is a sign your curiosity is at peak and you are willing to really go out of your comfort zone to experience more.

2. You are surrounding yourself with the right kinds of people.

You are cutting out toxic people and finding those who matter. You are really surrounding yourself with those who wish to support you and help you build more. You now realize how intense the negative energies surrounding those toxic individuals really was.

3. You are becoming more sensitive to energies.

You are able to sense the energies around you more-so now than ever. You can feel the positive or negative aura surrounding the people in your life and it makes a huge difference. You are beginning to feel things you have never felt before.

4. You feel like you are understanding a lot more than you have been in the past.

You are beginning to understand things in ways you would not have been able to before. You see that there is no set way to explain something and that we all feel things differently. You are gaining an outside view on things in many different ways. You can see all sides rather than one side.

5. You are no longer interested in poisoning your body with unhealthy foods.

You are beginning to care more and more about your health. You want to eat things that will benefit your body and wellbeing. This might be a huge change for you.

6. Your sleep schedule has changed or is being thrown off.

You either can’t sleep or can’t get out of bed. Things are thrown off big time and you might not know how to get them straightened out. Something has you all stirred up.

7. You are experiencing aches and pains without explanation.

You are feeling things that you cannot explain. This is the way that your body is adapting to the energies around you. This change is going to affect not only your mind and soul but your physical body as well.

8. You are more aware of the deception in this world.

You are beginning to see the world for what it is and that is not always going to be a good thing. The negative side of the world is making itself known and it can bring you down drastically. This world is full of deception.

9. You are finding more things to be passionate about.

Your passion is at an all-time high. You are gaining new hobbies and igniting old flames. Everything you would never have imagined is becoming reality.

10. You are physically coming out of your shell more and more.

You are really jumping out of your shell full force. You are taking risks and being who you were meant to be in many ways. This is both exciting and terrifying.

11. You can feel an energy within you that is becoming very intense.

You feel an energy within that you might have never felt before. This energy is almost overflowing and might have you feeling anxious. This is all part of the recalibration.

12. You are working to disconnect from the status quo.

You are trying to do your best to be yourself. You are cutting ties with things you no longer wish to give power to and you are really making your own reality happen. Things are falling into place.