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When you are in a relationship sometimes it can be hard to tell if the person you are dating truly loves you. While we might think we are loved, sometimes we are mistaken.

False love is far more common than we would like to admit. Some of us spend our whole lives with people who just don’t really give a shit about us. However, there are lots of things that define a loving relationship. If you and your partner do the following you are in a truly loving relationship.

12 Signs You Are in A Truly Loving in Your Relationship:

1. You accept one another.

You accept each other for who you are, because you know none of your flaws matter. You are able to understand one another on a deeper level; communication is a key part of this.

2. You put each other first.

You put your partner’s needs on the same level as yours. You want everyone to be satisfied within the relationship. This is not all about ‘me’ or ‘you.’

3. You forgive and forget.

You do not get caught up in petty arguments. When small issues arise you talk things out. Forgiving one another comes easily.

4. You support one another.

You are there for each other in all the best ways. You are your partner’s best cheerleader. You are always pushing one another to do better.

5. You respect each other.

Respect is key in any relationship. You respect your partner and your partner respects you. No relationship will work if it is lacking respect.

6. You remember important things about one another.

You remember the things that matter to your partner and your partner remembers the things that matter to you. You remember birthdays and anniversaries, and while someone’s favorite color may seem minuscule, it is important to your significant other.

7. You share the burden.

No one is holding the weight of the world on their shoulders. You share the burden with one another. What your partner is struggling with, you are also struggling with.

8. You push one another to follow dreams and reach goals.

You are there for one another in all ways. You push your partner to follow his or her dreams and they do the same for you. You are both working on yourselves together.

9. You know how to exist without one another.

You can be yourself without issue. You know how to live without your partner. Your partner does not define who you are.

10. You are intimate with one another.

You are intimate emotionally and physically! You are able to satisfy one another completely. This is much more intense than I can explain.

11. You can be vulnerable together.

You know this person on a vulnerable level and they also know you on a vulnerable level. You can be raw with one another, and this is essential for true emotional intimacy.

12. You actually like one another.

You have things in common at least to some extent and like being with one another. You want to be around each other and can carry a deep meaningful conversation. Friendship is the best kind of love.