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Clearly, there is a lot going on in the world. If you are someone that accepts this and does his or her best to really strive for the truth you are most likely quite awake.

Below I am going to go over some of the more uncomfortable signs that you might be more awake than you think. These things will cause conflict in your personal life as everyone around you is nowhere near your level. Whether you are completely awake or merely becoming awake there is nothing wrong with taking your journey one day at a time.

12 Signs That You Are More Awake Than Those Around You:

1. You know that changing the world is going to take more than just you.

You are more than ready to put forth the effort to make a difference in this world but you have accepted that no one person can change this world alone. We all need one another.

2. You don’t truly consider anyone to be your enemy.

You know how connected we all are and that those who ‘hate’ you are hurting on the inside. You do not consider anyone to be your enemy because you do not feel any ill things towards them. You look at everyone with an open mind.

3. You don’t waste time with drama or gossip.

You don’t waste your time entertaining drama. You know what is going on in your life and feel no need to hear about what Linda from accounting did over the weekend or whether her husband knows or not. You are simply too over that kind of thing to give it any power.

4. You know that we are seen as mere dollar signs.

You know that to the government and those who run it, we are not seen as people. We are seen as mere dollar signs or pawns so to speak. To them, our lives do not matter and we need to change that.

5. You do not blindly follow anyone.

You do not put faith in anyone you cannot trust. You make sure everyone proves themselves to you. Even in simple ways, you manage to bring out their true colors.

6. You value those close to you even if they cannot understand you.

You care, far too much about the people around you. Even though these people don’t understand the things you say or the things you do, you cannot help but care for them. They are part of something bigger.

7. You know how corrupt those in control are.

You know that the world is not black and white. You understand how gray most areas and people are. You see the things other people refuse to.

8. You always feel so detached.

You don’t feel like you belong here. You don’t resonate with this planet before. Your soul is becoming aligned with your higher self.

9. You seek facts and refuse lies.

You look for the truth in everything. You don’t let people lie to you and you always call them out on their shit. In the end, you are one of the few people who actually understand how valuable the truth is.

10. You look at actions instead of listening to words.

You pay attention to the things someone says rather than what they say. You know all too well how well other people can be at letting us down. You live your life knowing that even if you get let down everything will be fine.

11. People often say you are intimidating.

People sometimes say you are a bit intimidating and that they were pretty scared of you when they met you. This is because you come off as a cold person. You are very warm and open but this is not something many see until they have known you for awhile.

12. You refuse to be anyone other than yourself.

You are who you are and no one else. You refuse to change for the rest of this world. We are all individuals and you want things to stay that way if nothing else.

Image via Life Coach Code