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Sometimes, we rely on other more than they rely on us. While you might not realize it you could be giving the people closest to you more power in your life than you should be.

If you feel stuck or like your life is no longer your own perhaps you are giving too much of your power away. If you are not living the life you want to live then something needs to change. Whether you are allowing the words of others to seep too deeply or literally letting someone else tell you what to do, taking control is your best option. The quicker you get control back the quicker you get on track to becoming who YOU want to be.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be allowing others to control you more than you should. Sure, a bit of advice here and there is fine but no one should be ruling your life but YOU. Giving away your power can be damning and should not happen.

12 Signs That Others Have Too Much Power Over Your Life:

1. You don’t know how to say ‘no’ to certain people.

If you are someone that struggles to tell those closest to him or her no then you definitely are letting others have more power over you than they should. You should not do anything you do not truly want to do. Sure, the occasional favor is fine but don’t wait on someone hand and foot knowing they would not do the same for you.

2. You do not often stand your ground.

If you are not the kind of person to stick up for yourself or let someone know when they have upset you then you are giving them too much power. You are allowing them to walk all over you. This is NOT okay.

3. You allow others to cross your boundaries or have no boundaries at all.

If you are someone that lets people do whatever they want to you, something has to change. You are not a doormat and your boundaries need to be respected. Do not allow people to make you feel less than.

4. You don’t cut ties with toxic people.

If you allow toxic people to run rampant in your life then you are giving them power over you. The more present they are the more power they have. Toxic people need to be dealt with as soon as possible no matter what.

5. You dwell on the negativity.

If you are the kind of person to obsess over negativity you need to stop. Focus on the positive and stop allowing the harsh words of others control you. You do not have to take everything to heart.

6. You work hard to impress others.

You should not be trying to please everyone. In this life making sure YOU are happy is the only thing that matters. Live your life for YOU, you cannot impress everyone.

7. You always give in when feeling guilty.

If you are the kind of person to always give in to those guilt trips other people pull you need to find your footing. Nine times out of ten in these situations you have nothing to feel guilty about anyways. Stop letting other people trick you into doing what they want you to do. No means no.

8. You are always complaining about feeling like a ‘child.’

If you feel like others are treating you like a child and walking all over you, make the changes you need to make. Stop letting other people control you. Complaining will get you nowhere, action is needed.

9. You take things people say to heart even when they’re not true.

If you take everything other people say to you to heart you will end up feeling very broken. Do not allow the words of others to hold power over you. Just because someone says something does not mean it is true.

10. You are far too willing to give up your own dreams.

If you are always putting off your dreams and goals to make other people’s dreams and goals happen things need to change. Take charge and start focusing on yourself. You only live once, make it count.

11. You don’t realize your own worth.

If you don’t realize how amazing you are other people won’t either. You need to know just how wonderful you truly are so that the world can appreciate you more. Knowing your worth is extremely important, don’t let anyone talk down to you.

12. You allow others to bring out the worst in you.

If you allow other people to bring out the worst in you then you are letting them win. Focus on the positive no matter the situation. If someone is bringing you down, cut ties. They don’t deserve any kind of explanation, you owe then nothing.

Image via Lifehack