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When it comes to things involving the world of the dead, not many are as open as they should be. We are sent messages all the time, but sadly most of us don’t stop to hear them.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, that won’t stop them from reaching out. Some might send you feelings, where-as others might keep presenting you with something similar time after time. You never really know what you’re going to get when it comes to the spirit world, but knowing what to look for can work to your advantage big time.

Below, I am going to go over some of the more prominent signs that someone from beyond the grave could be working to contact you. Whether it’s someone you once knew or someone you never met in this life, they could be reaching out in more ways than you care to stop and notice. Are you experiencing things you cannot explain?

12 Undeniable Signs That A Spirit Is Contacting You:

1. You are having very vivid and intense dreams.

When someone from the spirit world is trying to contact us, they might end up doing-so through our dreams. This is because when we are sleeping, the veil between realms is at its weakest. During this time, they are capable of reaching out from vast distances.

2. Lights and other things of the sorts are seemingly on the fritz.

While a lot of people might sum this up as faulty wiring or something else of the sort, if there seem to be lights messing up or electronics going crazy at specific times it could mean something. Are you having a specific feeling come over you when this happens? What are the circumstances?

3. Oftentimes you feel a sudden rush of air when no doors or windows are open.

Ghosts and other beings of the sort tend to speak to us or make their presence known through hot or cold spots. If you’re feeling a sudden rush of air out of nowhere with no cause insight, it could be exactly this. While it can make a person feel a bit uneasy, it doesn’t necessarily mean the spirit you’re facing is negative, so keep that in mind.

4. You keep noticing that you’re having some weird sensations.

Goosebumps, deja-vu, and other things of the sort can indicate that there is something otherworldly going on in your life. For instance, if you’re experiencing deja-vu perhaps a loved one is trying to warn you of something that is to come. Those who care for us do not stop doing-so just because they’re no longer alive.

5. You keep seeing shadows moving just outside your line of vision.

Shadows are sometimes not exactly what you’d expect them to be. Sometimes they are entities or spirits that want you to notice them. They are being a bit distant at first but as time passes noticing them will become more and more prominent.

6. You hear someone calling out to you.

Sometimes when we’re being contacted by someone from the other side, we hear them. You might be sitting alone and hear someone call your name or in the middle of class and think that someone is trying to talk to you. This kind of thing will be quite off-putting, but can be quite interesting for a number of reasons.

7. You can smell something specific even though it’s nowhere to be found.

People from the other side tend to use our sense of smell to their advantage. For instance, if your deceased grandmother wants you to think of her or be reminded that she cares, she might make you catch a whiff of your favorite dish she used to make. This will place her on your mind.

8. You keep seeing the same numbers or symbols.

Spirits tend to present us with the same symbols and numbers over and over again until we figure things out. These things hold meaning, and it is up to us to come to terms with whatever that meaning is. They won’t just stop, you have to really take the time to work through this one.

9. Things are being moved without you or someone else moving them.

A lot of the situations in which ghosts end up moving things, it is to get our attention. They sometimes like to play with us in this manner. They might keep things for good or they might give them back, this just depends on the ghost. You by engaging in the hunt for your things is entertaining to the spirit itself.

10. Your gut is telling you someone is there.

If your gut is telling you that there is someone there, you should trust it. Our gut sees and knows much more than we do. It is driven by our sense of intuition, and our intuition is tapped into something so intense that we could not fathom it if we were aware of our subconscious. While someone might be there, that doesn’t mean it’s someone bad, perhaps someone of your past is here to see you and check-in?

11. You’re losing things only to find them exactly where you thought you had left them.

In some cases, ghosts like to play with our minds or want us to be late for a specific reason. You might lose your keys and then go back to find that they were exactly where you left them. They were not there before, but they are quite present now.

12. You’re seeing things in the mirror or near your reflection.

If you’re seeing people or things in your reflection or beside your reflection, it should be taken into consideration. What is it you’re seeing and how prominent is it? There could really be something more around you that your naked eyes are incapable of picking up on at the present moment.