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When we are in a relationship, it’s normal to expect that our emotional needs are going to be met. However, when they aren’t, it can leave this nagging feeling lingering behind, pushing you to want more.

It’s not a good feeling at all, and no one should ever feel that way. For many of us, we may believe the feeling is us. Perhaps we are overthinking things, or perhaps this is just a phase that will inevitably go away. But, when the problem becomes so much that you are reaching out for help, it may be time to address the problem.

With that being said, if you are unsure as to whether or not the problem exists, you may want to be sure. Here are 12 signs you are being emotionally neglected in your relationship.

1. The relationship is one-sided.

When it comes to the relationship, everything is one-sided. You are the one always putting in the word and the effort. They never make or initiate plans, and they don’t seem to care about how you feel or your needs at all.

2. When you try to talk, they shut you out.

When you attempt to talk to them, they shut you out. Sometimes, you feel like you are talking to a wall because they sit there like a stone wall.

3. They are no longer the first person you want to share things with.

When good things happen, or you have news you want to share, you don’t go to them with it. Instead, you know they either won’t listen or don’t care, so you talk to friends or another support person.

4. They give you the silent treatment.

Rather than trying to hash things out, or even talking to you about small things, they prefer silent treatment. Things go silent so often that it’s almost like you hear silence more than you hear them.

5. You have to suppress your feelings.

You find yourself holding things in because there’s no point in sharing anything with your partner. Even if you did, they would likely become annoyed or just ignore you altogether.

6. They refuse to argue or talk things out.

When conflicts arise, they refuse to hash things out or talk through them. Instead, they would prefer to act like there is no problem. In turn, conflicts never get resolved.

7. They don’t make eye contact.

When the two of you are together or in the same room, when you talk to them, they look away. Sometimes, you look in their direction, just to see if they will acknowledge you, and there’s nothing. They make you feel like they feel nothing for you.

8. They ignore things that are important to you.

They don’t care about what’s important to you. You find that you have to remind them constantly about little things, and your boundaries, and they continue to run over them.

9. They take your support, but give nothing in return.

When you are giving them support, or they need you, they are all ears. They don’t mind taking the support and love you have to give, but seem to care little about returning the favor.

10. They don’t support you.

You feel completely unsupported by your partner. They don’t listen when you need someone to confide in. They don’t care about your accomplishments, and they don’t encourage you.

11. They walk away when you are talking to them.

During the conversation, they often interrupt you and walk away. They don’t seem interested in what you have to say at all, and they don’t mind making that obvious.

12. You feel lonely and alone, even when he is in the same room.

When the two of you are together, you feel just as alone as you do when you are by yourself. You may even feel more alone. They make no effort to connect with you at all.