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Heartbreak is a painful thing to go through, and while most would believe that it’s something easy to move forward from, it takes time and work. Experiencing heartbreak is not only emotionally painful, but can physically take a toll, and understanding your heartbreak is a must to move forward from it.

While some of us may be lucky enough to fall in love once and spend the rest of our lives with that person, some of us will experience many loves. Along that journey, heartbreak is inevitable. We find someone, believe with all of our hearts they are the one, and then the relationship falls apart.

After that, we enter a cycle of heartbreak that we must heal from to move forward. Here are the 12 signs of a heartbroken woman.

1. She isolates.

When a woman is heartbroken, she may lack the energy to be around others. She may feel shame, sadness, and simply put, she may just need time alone. However, isolation can be a slippery slope, and it’s important that after taking time apart from her social life that she reintegrates herself.

2. She feels physical pain.

Heartbreak isn’t just emotional pain, it also can be physical. A heartbroken woman may experience joint and body pain, and she may experience headaches, physical sickness, and other symptoms of pain.

3. She is angry at love.

When a woman becomes heartbroken, she may begin to despise love in general. In turn, she will grow to resent love as a whole and when it’s spoken about, she will seem cynical.

4. She is pessimistic about future love.

When others suggest that she find a new partner, she will likely shut them down. “I may never find love again,” she may counter.

5. She experiences difficulty in her work life.

And heartbreak can become so difficult that it becomes hard to function in reality. She may struggle so badly that her work also struggles, and she falls behind.

6. She stops taking care of herself.

A heartbroken woman may stop caring about her hygiene or whether she looks presentable. It can be hard to take care of yourself like that when you are grieving from a past relationship.

7. She clings to the past.

A woman experiencing heartbreak may ruminate on the past and talk about it all the time. She may sit around wondering what she could have done to change the outcome of her broken relationship.

8. Her eating habits change.

And in most cases, when a woman experiences heartbreak, her eating habits may change. She will either stop wanting to eat as much or eat much more than usual.

9. Her moods are erratic.

During the stages of relationship grief, a woman may experience moods that are all over the place. In one moment, she may be angry, in the next, she will be sad, and in another, completely in a panic.

10. Her sleep is erratic.

And keeping a normal sleep schedule will feel impossible to her. She may sleep for 12 hours one day, and then on another, only four.

11. She may cling to addictions.

Some women who go through heartbreak try to feel the void with addiction. She may use drugs or alcohol or use shopping as an addiction.

12. She seems lost.

Above all, a woman amid heartbreak will feel lost. She won’t know which way to turn, or how to move forward.