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The INFJ personality is one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types and has received quite a bit of attention because it is the rarest. Nicknamed the mystic or the advocate, they are most commonly associated with those who are highly intuitive and show warm empathy.

If you are unsure of your personality type, you can visit the link to the official website here.

And if you are curious about what the signs of an INFJ personality are, there are several signs I’ve listed below that are most commonly associated with the INFJ personality type. Here are 12 genuine signs of an INFJ (the advocate.)

1. They stand up for what’s right.

As the advocate personality type, the INFJ is highly driven to do what is right and stand up for it. They stand up for others, and if they realize that an important opportunity will help someone else more than themselves, they will give it to them.

2. They are creative.

INFJs are highly creative people who find joy in artistic endeavors. They often find themselves chasing after creative pursuits, and find joy in thinking in ways that are different or outside of the norm.

3. They are insightful.

Due to their highly-empathetic nature, INFJs are also very insightful. They can usually see situations from a different perspective, which allows them to give insights on several things.

4. They are purpose-driven.

Oftentimes, the INFJ will try to find a specific mission or purpose in life. Throughout their lives, they will chase after that purpose, including it in their hobbies, their career, and even personal endeavors.

5. They are loyal and authentic.

Advocates are loyal and caring companions when they are surrounded by the right people. They are warm and enthusiastic and don’t typically require a lot of attention from the people they love, but need to know they are there for them.

6. They feel different.

Deep down in their core, the INFJ feels different. And for good reason, considering they are the rarest personality type, they most definitely are different.

7. They are often lonely.

Due to their nature, they can be loners when they don’t match up with their people. In turn, they end up lonely, because inherently, they do enjoy their alone time, unlike other people.

8. They take an all-or-nothing approach to life.

The INFJ can be intense when it comes to their mission and interests, making them highly perfectionistic. Because of that, they are either all in or all out.

9. They are altruistic.

INFJs are massively interested in the common good for all, sometimes setting their own needs aside for others. Their selfless nature can oftentimes end up making them feel taken advantage of. Especially if they don’t set healthy boundaries.

10. They are sensitive to criticism.

A major weakness of the INFJ personality is that they can be highly sensitive to criticism. This is especially so when people question their principles.

11. They won’t open up to just anyone.

And at times, they close themselves off to others, because they are highly private individuals. Part of the reason behind this, according to the 16Personalities (Myers-Briggs personality testing site) is because they may feel as though they are a burden to others.

12. They can be perfectionistic at times.

The major recurring theme among INFJs is the fact that they are idealistic. Oftentimes, they will break tasks into smaller steps and if they are unable to complete a task or vision for themselves, they are likely to become frustrated.