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While we all have our own unique traits a lot of us seem to have more in common than we expect. This is because universally we all fall into different personality type categories. 

For instance, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator goes over 16 different personality types. While 16 might not sound like much it is actually somehow more than enough to break down each of us and explain the basics of how our personalities work or what they are made up of. This kind of assessment used four pairs of opposites to define who we are on a relatively personal level. Those pairs being: Introvert and Extrovert, Intuitive and Sensory, Thinking and Feeling, and then Judging and Perceiving.

These 16 personality types are named after some of the letters that make up their most prominent traits and the rarest of them all is the INFJ personality type. While a lot of people think they belong to this type, after taking the test they learn that they are something else entirely. The INFJ is something that only shows up about 2.1 percent of the time thus meaning it is a type of person that is far and few.

Now before we dive into the signs that you could be an INFJ lets go over what an INFJ is as a whole. INFJs are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging people. They can be quite intense, are usually very creative, and come across as very growth-oriented. While quite helpful, this personality type can be a bit hard to get along with depending on how things play out.

Now that you know what an INFJ is please feel free to go over the signs below. That being said just because you line up with these signs doesn’t mean you’re 100 percent without a doubt an INFJ. To be sure what your personality type is click here to take a simplified version of the Myers-Briggs Test.

12 Signs You Might Have An Extremely Rare Personality Type:

1. You find yourself surrounded by those who need to be ‘fixed’ or ‘helped’ more often than not.

If you are an INFJ you will be the person that everyone else goes to for help. You are someone that people think they can rely on and with good reason. You’re always there for others and caring for the people closest to you.

2. You have very strong opinions.

If you are an INFJ you are probably someone with a very strong opinion. You likely stand your ground big time and are the kind of person who doesn’t budge when it comes to the important things. People might try to sway your opinion, but they very rarely will ever win you over.

3. You hate small talk.

If you are an INFJ you are the kind of person that avoids small talk as often as possible. You only want to engage in conversations that are going to be deep and hold meaning. If it’s just ‘shooting the shit’ you want no part in it.

4. You are highly empathetic and care for even those who hurt you.

If you are an INFJ you are someone who cares deeply about others. You are very empathetic and always thinking about the people around you. When someone is going through something, you can really feel it and pick up in it right away.

5. You are able to step back and see the bigger picture.

If you are an INFJ you’re able to step back and see the bigger picture. This is something a lot of people struggle with. When things are going wrong you take the time to think them through on a level most people just won’t grasp.

6. You’re a very all or nothing kind of person.

If you are an INFJ you’re the kind of person who is either in or out. You don’t put forth half-efforts and hold your own well. You’re not going to let someone be in your life all the while bringing you down. Either they put forth an effort or they hit the curb, period.

7. You tend to struggle with wanting to please others.

If you are an INFJ you are the kind of person who tries too hard for the people in his or her life. You try to please others and take criticism too seriously. When someone says something negative, it really brings you down.

8. You will go to extremes when it comes to uncovering the truth.

If you are an INFJ you are usually willing to go to serious lengths to find the truth. If someone is lying about something or you notice a situation that doesn’t add up you will go out of your way to make sure you clear the air. You will uncover the secrets that are being hidden, point-blank.

9. People tend to open up to you quickly.

If you are an INFJ you will most likely notice that people, especially strangers, are quick to open up to you. They don’t have their guard up when you come around even if they don’t know you. While this is weird to most, it is normal for you and you’re quite used to it.

10. You like to keep your close circle small.

If you are an INFJ you don’t like to be surrounded by tons of people. You have a few close friends and that’s about it. You don’t care to be the life of the party or get to know every single person who comes into your life.

11. You don’t like going out and are a true introvert.

If you are an INFJ you probably spend most of your time at home or on your own. You are a real introvert and you make sure that you don’t force yourself to be uncomfortable. You would much rather spend time doing things you like by yourself rather than going out of your way to do things with people who don’t really even matter to you.

12. You feel like you don’t really fit in with everyone else.

If you are an INFJ chances are you don’t really fit in with most groups of people. You stand out in your own way and while people love being around you, you still don’t quite look the part for any set group. You are your own person and really do make your differences clear without even having to try.