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Relationships are not easy, things can be quite complicated and more can go wrong than right. While we might intend for things to work out, if we don’t put our best efforts forth that will not be possible.

When you’re with someone special if you’re not both working to accomplish goals together things aren’t going to play out how you might want them to. If you want things to be successful and for the two of you to grow together you both have to put forth a lot of effort. Below I am going to go over some of the things you and your partner need to accomplish in order to make things last a long time. While some of these might seem silly, they all make serious differences.

12 Relationship Goals All Lasting Relationships Need:

1. To keep the flames ignited.

While it might be hard as time passes the more passion you keep the happier the two of you will be. All relationships need passion to survive. When the flames burn out so does the romance that comes with it.

2. To shake things up and have adventures.

When we are in love with someone we want to go on adventures and do things with this person but if we let life get in the way we might allow ourselves to slowly drift apart. When it comes to true love being in the here and now is important. You have to be willing to shake things up from time to time.

3. To build a proper future.

The future isn’t going to build itself. Figure out what it is you both want and work towards it. Make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to move forth.

4. To remain able to trust one another.

Trust is something you cannot compromise on when it comes to real love. If you do not trust your partner things will never work. Doing all you can to cultivate a proper sense of trust is crucial.

5. To laugh together and do-so frequently.

Laughter is a wonderful medicine for the soul. The more positive moments you share with one another the better. Make memories and experience life with each other.

6. To grow alongside one another rather than apart.

We all want to grow with our partners rather than away from them but sometimes the latter occurs. When it comes to growing with your partner you need to ensure that communication is something you’re both able to keep going. No one feels left out and everyone is able to speak his or her mind.

7. To take care of each other.

We when on this level have to be willing to take care of one another. We consider each other’s feelings and need to be willing to jump when it is necessary. This kind of goal is not easy to achieve and may feel like you’re unable to reach it but you can do anything you set your mind to.

8. To understand and accept one another above all else.

Acceptance and understanding are not easy things to give out but your partner needs them from you. This is something you have to work on and force out all the time. No matter what is happening you need to be supportive as best you can.

9. To find the magic and achieve all dreams alongside one another.

When you’re in a relationship that doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams. You should still work to chase them and allow your partner to help you do-so. Lovers are some of the best support systems a person could have.

10. To be there for one another regardless of the situation.

When you’re dating someone you have to be there for them through all their hard moments as they do you. This is a lot more complicated than it might seem and is hard to keep up. That being said if you work hard enough you will achieve it big time.

11. To keep mixing things up and nurture one another.

We have to be there to take care of one another. Your partner needs to know that you love and care for him or her. This might seem like a silly goal but it is one that many people overlook and it ruins their connection entirely.

12. To be open and honest all the time.

Honesty is something you have to have in a relationship. If you’re lying to one another you’re creating a hostile and toxic environment. Do not close yourself off, open up and let him or her in.