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We spend our entire existence focused on finding love, keeping it, and growing it. Despite this, no matter how much a woman wants a relationship to work and no matter how much she may be in love, everyone has their limits.

While love can force us to do crazy things- even to stay in toxic relationships, love alone is not enough to make a relationship last. Even the most love-struck woman decided to walk away from love, and not for the reasons you may expect.

1. She hates who she is in the relationship.

Relationships are supposed to bring out our better selves, but in some relationships, we can bring out the worst in each other. When this happens, and a woman starts becoming someone she hates, she will likely end up leaving, no matter how much of a connection she feels there is.

2. She hates who he has become.

People change. There is no ignoring this fact. And sometimes, we grow into people that no longer match the person we are with. If a woman feels her partner is changing for the worst, she may leave.

3. The spark is gone.

Even when love remains, the spark can dwindle. And for many women, when the spark starts dwindling and all attempts to reignite it fail- there is a breaking point.

4. She feels taken for granted.

In relationships, it can be easy to get comfortable and to fall into expecting our partner to know they are appreciated, without showing it. But, when one partner gives and gives and gives, and there is no appreciation and a woman feels taken for granted, she will leave.

5. Her partner has strayed.

It’s easy to forgive, but forgetting is not so easy. I cannot tell you how many women I’ve heard say they tried to move past their husband or partner cheating but failed to.

6. The relationship has become too codependent.

A strong and independent woman wants to be able to feel like she doesn’t need her partner to get by. And when she starts to sense codependency, she is likely to pull back.

7. She doesn’t trust him.

Without trust, a relationship is doomed for failure. Even without cheating present, it can be hard to trust in your partner 100%- but in some cases, this can destroy the bond and ruin the relationship for good.

8. She doesn’t envision her life with him any longer.

As people grow, so does our vision and goals for our life. Unfortunately, sometimes, that vision may grow to no longer include our partner. And when that happens for a woman, or really for anyone- this can often lead to a breakup.

9. A lack of communication.

Women, by nature, are more communicative, especially about our emotions. When we try to communicate our feelings to our partner and there is no reciprocation, it can push us away for good.

10. She feels there is no common ground in the relationship.

Even the best of connections need common ground. Without it, we are unable to compromise and unable to see the point of continuing the connection.

11. The intimacy is dwindling.

I don’t care who you are- intimacy on some level is necessary for a relationship. When one partner is driven towards intimacy and the other partner just isn’t there, it becomes doomed for disaster unless this changes.

12. There’s a difficult past in the relationship.

No matter how hard we try, the past can come back to haunt us. For some women, when bad things have happened in the past, it can be hard to move forward. Eventually, this will tear the relationship apart.