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While your blunt friends might come across as a little embarrassing from time to time, overall they’re probably the best friends you have. They come in handy for a number of reasons and are almost always there when you need them, aren’t they?

Sure, most people tend to overlook these kinds of people, but they truly are important regarding this world and how it works. Blunt people are willing to say things that need to be said even if they’re hard to get out. They are able to live in the truest to themselves way possible, and they do not hide their feelings.

Below I am going to go over some reasons why blunt people make the best friends and what you should appreciate about yours. While they might get under your skin every once in a while, they are truly there when you need them. Blunt friends might not always make sure you’re seeing what you need to see rather than what you want to see.

12 Reasons Why Your Blunt Friends Are Your Best Friends:

1. They never sugar coat things.

Your blunt friends don’t waste time, they tell you things as they are. While they don’t want to upset you they know sugar coating things won’t do anyone any good. If you need to hear something, you know you can go to them for it without having to deal with the extra ‘bull’ that some people like to add to the mix.

2. You know they care about you.

Your blunt friends care about you, they make sure you know that. They are there for you when you need them, and they don’t just blow you off as others do. If something comes up they are clear about it and that in itself makes their emotions regarding you quite present in your life.

3. They know what they want in life.

Your blunt friends are not the kinds of people who sit around waiting for something to happen in their life. They go out and make things happen for themselves. They know what they want and what they don’t want. That is something they’re very vocal about.

4. They know how to make you smile.

Your blunt friends know how to make you laugh and how to bring a smile to your face. When you’re feeling down you know they can pick you up. While they sometimes use tough love to get their point across when you really need them to cheer you up, you know they will.

5. They don’t lie to make you feel better.

Your blunt friends won’t lie to you like fake friends will. They don’t care if you like what they have to say. The mutual sense of respect you have for one another is enough to ground your friendship in honesty.

6. You know their friendship is real.

Your blunt friends are people you know are going to be there for you and remain by your side. You can trust them and you know that they’re not going to stab you in the back like others might. They are the kinds of people you can really count on.

7. They don’t hide the things they’re passionate about.

Your blunt friends don’t hide things in general. They are open and honest about the things they like and care about the most. You know what gets them excited just by the way they speak about it.

8. They are fun to spend time with.

Your blunt friends are always going to be hands down the most fun people to spend your time with. You always have the best time with them, and they’re always making the worst situations better. You know you’re going to have a good time when they are around.

9. They are not afraid of change.

Your blunt friends are not as afraid of change as everyone else. They embrace it and allow it to do for them whatever it wants. Rather than hiding away, they face just about everything head-on.

10. They are very open-minded usually.

Your blunt friends are much more open-minded than other people. They are not afraid to take themselves out of a situation and think differently. This is something that sets them apart from the rest of the people in your life big time.

11. They always say what they’re feeling.

Your blunt friends are not afraid to talk about their emotions. If they feel something they make it known. They do not hide their feelings from anyone and I mean anyone.

12. They aren’t afraid to apologize when they need to.

Your blunt friends know that apologies are sometimes needed. They know that when they mess up they need to come to terms with it and make their mistakes known. They do not hesitate to say sorry when it is warranted.