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In life, there are times in which we feel powerless. It’s true, that things happen that are beyond our control, but we often endure a few situations that are beyond our control and assume we have no control at all. But, the thing is- we have much more control over our lives than we realize.

Life is all about choices and reactions. Additionally, it could be said that our perspective has a major impact as well. And while things are going to happen to us that are unavoidable and beyond all control, it’s how we react to these situations that define the overall course of our life. Don’t believe me? Well, here are 12 reasons why I believe the way I do.

1. Our perspective frames our life.

Life is all about our perspective. While it may sound cliche the adage “glass half full,” or “glass half empty” really is true. You always have the power to view your circumstances however you see fit. And while there will be circumstances that will be harder than others, when we view our lives as “out of control,” we are the ones who make ourselves believe that is the case.

2. We make choices, all day, every day, and those choices also frame our life.

While random events may be out of our control at times, we have choices to make every moment of every day. And in the big picture, those little choices we make have the most impact on our lives.

3. Studies show a positive mindset is a skill.

Most people who have a negative mindset assume “that’s just the way I am, there’s no changing that.” But, no one is born to be inherently positive or negative. We are the ones with the power to change that. And much like any other skill, positivity is learned through practice and perseverance.

4. We can always change our current situation.

Change is present all around us. And no matter how difficult our lives become, there is always a way to make a new path for ourselves.

5. Nothing is permanent.

Nothing is permanent. No matter how hard your life is- it doesn’t have to stay that way. And ultimately, you are the one in charge of making the changes to make it better.

6. A growth mindset is everything.

Having a fixed mindset means that you believe that “it is what it is” and there’s no changing it. A growth mindset is a belief that you can grow, change and evolve. Having a growth mindset is a tool that will help you to achieve whatever it is that you want. It’s the notion that you can be better than you are currently.

7. Tragedy and trauma will strike- but it doesn’t have to define us.

Tragedy and trauma are unavoidable. But, rather than focusing on what you cannot control, try focusing on what you can.

8. We can change our reality.

Realities change. People move from horrible situations and into better circumstances, it happens all the time. You truly can change your reality. Not only can you, but the likelihood is that you are ultimately the only one who can change your reality for good.

9. People who’ve endured the worst have ended up coming out on top despite their circumstances.

People overcome bad situations all the time. Just the other day, I heard of a woman who lived in Columbia and came to the United States with $300 to her name. Now, she runs the Mars Rover team at NASA.

10. Human connection is perhaps one of the most important factors in our lives.

And our connections to other people have a major impact on our lives. We cannot flourish, nor live happily and fulfilled lives without family or friends to encourage us to help us to grow. Don’t shut people out embrace them.

11. There is almost always a silver lining.

Even in the worst circumstances, there is some light to be seen. Perhaps you lost your job, but that ending is allowing you to redefine your career path and start over however you wish. You might have just gone through a breakup, but honestly, that person wasn’t right for you, and someone better is coming. Or, perhaps you lost all of your money, but now you have the opportunity to find better ways to earn money. There’s always a silver lining, you just have to adjust your perspective to see it.

12. One small step each day accounts for 365 steps towards a greater goal in just one year.

You can’t jump from one situation to the next with the snap of a finger. But, you can work towards your goals to make them happen. The best way to achieve your goals is to take small, reasonable steps towards them. And if you make one small step each day, that still adds up to 365 steps within a year. And that’s a lot.