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While not everyone has a big sister, those who do know how special they can be. Big sisters can sometimes be a pain in the rear, but they always mean well.

Your big sister is someone you should cherish and love for as long as you live. While you might hit bumpy patches ever since you were young, she was there for you. She cared for you and drove you crazy at the same time with all the love you could have ever wanted.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that to me really prove big sisters are angels in disguise. I know, they might not always seem like they’re on your side, but they have your best interest at heart. They will be there for you when no one else is, that’s for sure.

12 Reasons Why Big Sisters Are Truly Angels In Disguise:

1. You can always talk to her about the things that you’re going through.

She is the one person you know will understand the issues you’re facing. She is willing to sit and listen when you have problems and she offers the best advice. The more you need from her, the more she will make sure she offers to you.

2. She believes in you big time.

Your big sister is the one person who believes in you more than anyone else. She knows you are capable of so much and is able to see you properly. While you might not know or understand your own strengths, she sure does.

3. She has always had your back.

Unlike some people, your big sister will always have your back. She is there for you when no one else is. If anyone ever messes with you, she is sure to be there to help.

4. When you mess up, she will always forgive you.

Whenever you make a mistake, she will accept your apology with open arms even if it takes some time. She shares a special bond with you that no one else does. There is no getting between two sisters who truly understand one another, that’s for sure.

5. She is your best friend before anyone else.

Your big sister was the first friend you had. She was there from the day you were born and watched you grow up. Sure, you might have your differences but at the end of the day, she is there for you in major ways.

6. She doesn’t sugar coat things.

Your big sister will always tell you things you need to know. If you come to her for advice, you know you’re getting the best advice. She is always open and honest, above all else.

7. She can always tell when something is bothering you.

When something is bothering you, your sister is there for you. She can sense when something is off because she has been in your life for so long. While your other friends might not see this, she can pick up on even the smallest changes in you.

8. She will keep all of your secrets well.

Unlike some people, your sister will carry the secrets you share with her to her grave. She will not tell anyone else, and she will make sure you are protected properly depending on what it is you’re sharing with her. If you ever need to get something off of your chest, you can go to her without a doubt. There is a deep sense of trust between the two of you.

9. She is someone you can truly be yourself around.

Your big sister might not always get along with you but you know that you can be yourself with her. She doesn’t judge you and is also herself around you. The two of you are free to be yourselves while in each other’s presence. You could knock on her door at three am, and she would open it without even throwing getting changed. You’ve seen her at her worst as she has also seen you at your worst.

10. She might not always like you borrowing her things but when you need something she makes sure you have it.

She is the kind of person that will not let you go without. If she sees that you need something she will bring it to you. Sure, when you’re younger she might not like you borrowing her clothes and things of that nature but if you needed them, you’d get them. She would lend you a dress for a night out or bring you food if you were broke.

11. As you grow up, she’s there to help you through lots of things.

Throughout the years she has been the one to help you through puberty and things of that sort. It’s easier to talk to her and so, you do. When you start going through things, she explains them well.

12. She understands the issues you have with your parents.

She unlike anyone else knows how your parents are in the way you do. She gets why you feel as you do and can help you better understand your parents as a whole. Because of your relationship with her your relationship with your parents is better than it would be otherwise, isn’t it?