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When we finally find the strength to cut toxic people out of our lives, it can still hurt, but we shouldn’t let it get us down. Moving on in this manner is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and remembering that is important. 

Toxic people do nothing but bring more and more negativity into our lives. They bring us down over and over again, all the while wanting nothing more than to use us for their own gain. Toxic people offer us nothing in return for the things we do for them, and honestly, the sooner we leave them behind, the better.

If someone is hurting you and refusing to show you the respect you’re showing them, stop giving them power in your life. Cutting them off in that kind of situation is your only choice. By moving on, you’re only allowing those who truly care for you to remain by your side.

Below, I am going to go over some of the reasons why you should not feel bad about cutting toxic people out of your life. While some of these reasons are small, others are huge. Don’t forget to allow each and every one of them to sink in properly.

12 Reasons Why Removing Toxic People From Your Life Should Never Get You Down:

1. They always blame you for things you cannot control.

Toxic people never take responsibility for their actions. Everything is your fault and honestly, that in itself is exhausting. The more you try to do for them the less they are capable of seeing.

2. They never bother to tell you the truth.

The more you open up to them the less they open up to you. A lot of the things toxic people say are lies and honestly you never truly know who they are. The mask is worn well with these kinds of people.

3. They never put forth the effort you do.

When it comes to your friendship or relationship they never put forth the efforts that you do. Things are very much one-sided with you fitting the bill for most of the work. They’re never there for you like you are for them.

4. They don’t care about your feelings.

With toxic people, your feelings do not matter. They don’t care if they have to make you feel bad to get what they want. They will treat you badly to get what they want, time and time again.

5. They leave you walking on eggshells.

Toxic people love to have those around them on edge. It’s like they want to see you squirm. The more uncomfortable you are the more they relax.

6. You’re never appreciated and nothing is ever good enough.

Toxic people are always wanting more. The things you do are never enough and will never be enough. That you should keep in mind always.

7. You’re honestly exhausted.

Being around toxic people is exhausting. It will leave you wishing you had cut ties sooner once you finally do. I can assure you of that.

8. The whole connection is one-sided.

You’re the only one fighting for this connection to work. This toxic person will be onto the next as soon as you stop trying. He or she has already checked out, that’s for sure.

9. They bring you down for their own sake.

Toxic people like to make other people feel bad. The worse they can make you feel the better they feel. Tearing you down gives them power.

10. You never really mattered to them anyway.

Toxic people do not care about us. If the toxic person in your life cared about you, he or she would not be treating you in the way he or she is treating you. You deserve better.

11. They don’t want to see you succeed.

These kinds of people don’t like seeing the people around them doing well. They want to see them falling and to feel like they’re on top. The more you achieve the more they will try to bring you down.

12. They’re never going to be the friend you want them to be.

Toxic people are never going to be who you want them to be. They will not change just for you and you need to accept that. Moving on from them is in most cases, your best bet.