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Sometimes the most unexpected relationships turn out to be the most fulfilling ones. I have noticed this to be true in a lot of ways.

When it comes to the perfect relationship. I have found that being with someone who loves you ‘more’ or ‘too much’ really is the best. While you may think they are a bit clingy or too into you, they are only that way because they love you so much. Sure, for some this can be overwhelming, but for those who know how to value someone else’s interests, it can be fantastic.

12 Reasons Why Being With A Girl Who Loves You More Will Be the Best Relationship Ever:

1. She will help you overcome anything life throws your way.

She will teach you that your past is just that, the past. She will let you make your own mistakes but as you take each step she will be there to help. If you need to vent, she is all ears.

2. She loves all of you, not just the best parts.

She loves you for who you are. Your flaws and quirks make you all the more perfect in her eyes. She is head over heels for you in all the best ways.

3. She will teach you to make the best of everything.

She will teach you that there is a good side to everything that happens. She will show you the light inside the darkness. You will feel invincible with her by your side.

4. She will make you feel whole in ways you would not realize.

She will make you realize that you don’t need anyone else to make you feel whole and then still you will feel more whole because she is there. She is someone who becomes a part of who you are and is essentially someone you look up to. She makes up some of the best parts of who you are.

5. She will teach you to love yourself.

She will teach you that you are not as flawed as you think. She will show you the good things about yourself that you never noticed. Through her, you will learn to love yourself.

6. She will teach you how to feel emotions you haven’t felt in a while.

She will show you that your emotions need to be felt. You will feel things about her and for her that are foreign to you. While this will be a bit overwhelming it will be overwhelming in a good way.

7. She will be loyal to you.

She will be there for you and only you. Her loyalty runs deep. That being said, she will not tolerate someone who is not loyal to her. You get what you give.

8. She will show you how to forgive.

She will teach you that forgiveness is important. With her, you will learn to overcome so many things you have been holding onto for too long. You cannot go wrong with a girl who loves you ‘more.’

9. She will fight for you.

She will fight for you even when no one else is. She believes in you and will never let you down. Sure, you may feel like falling sometimes, but she will prevent you from doing so.

10. She will be right by your side no matter where you are heading.

She will stick by you through thick and thin. This whole world could be against you and there she would be right by your side. She is not someone who gives up easily.

11. She will talk to you instead of jumping to conclusions.

She is someone who will always communicate. While sometimes arguments will occur she is more of the type to talk things out. She doesn’t like to get upset over ‘nothing.’

12. She will be herself and no one else.

She is not someone who will pretend to be someone she is not. You get what you get and that is how things are. She is herself no matter what happens. You don’t have to worry about her jumping ship or changing overnight.

Featured Image Via Dani Diamond