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While percentages vary depending on where you’re getting them from there is no doubting that the INFJ of the Myers Briggs personality types is easily one of if not the rarest personality type in this world. These people are quite peculiar to others and are usually much more intuitive and emotionally charged than most other people.

INFJ people are in many ways the empaths of this world depending on how you look at things. The INFJ is someone resonating highly with introversion, intuition, feelings, and judgment. They are usually the advocates or idealists of the personality types and are usually very creative people who care big time for those around them. 

Below I am going to go over some characteristics or traits that make the INFJ so rare and just how lacking these things are in most people in this day and age. Are you an INFJ? Perhaps this is a good place to start in regards to figuring that out.

12 Qualities That Belong To People Of The Rarest Personality Type:

1. They sometimes try too hard to please others.

INFJs are usually pretty forward-thinking but that doesn’t mean they’re not human. Like others, they too fall victim to people-pleasing sometimes. They try very hard to make the people around them happy.

2. They keep their circles small. 

INFJs have a small circle of close friends, and they love spending time with those specific people. While others might think they’re lonely or weird for being so closed off in their eyes they’re not closed off at all. They are capable of getting all the interaction they need from those they already trust and so that is what they do.

3. They like the finer things in life.

While they don’t have to be decked out in expensive stuff, they do like to be treated well and have nice things of their own. They take pride in the physical aspects of this world and enjoy all it has to offer. Sure, it’s hard to admit but it is very true.

4. They hate seeing anyone upset.

INFJs take on the emotions of others in the ways that empaths do. They tend to really resonate with those going through things and always want to help in the ways that they can. Sometimes they obsess over this to the point where they neglect themselves.

5. They usually keep their feelings to themselves.

INFJs are not as open as they make themselves out to be. They hold back a lot and refuse to show their vulnerable side to the people who care the most about them. Because of this, it can cause conflict in their relationships. They think that by working through things on their own they are protecting others.

6. They always get things done.

INFJs don’t usually give up, they try and try until they get things right above all else. Even when times are tough and the process in itself is almost impossible, they pull through.

7. They don’t bother with gossip.

INFJs are not the kinds of people who waste their time on gossip or drama. They like to think about things that matter a bit deeper. If the conversation is all about who’s sleeping with who or what someone wore the day before, it will go stale quickly.

8. They can usually sense things others cannot.

INFJs are as noted above very intuitive. They can sense things other people usually have a hard time with. They can without a doubt feel the energies around them in all possible ways.

9. They are very all or nothing.

INFJs don’t like going down a path that could be seen as a middle ground. They love with their all or refuse to love at all and they care for someone deeply until changes occur and from there that caring disappears. Once the passion is gone things don’t just fade they literally disappear.

10. They tend to contradict themselves a lot.

INFJs are full of contradictions. They find themselves really struggling to get their points across for a number of reasons. They are extremely fun to be around and sometimes quite lively but then also are quite shy and don’t want to be around many people. See how this could be a bit of an issue?

11. They always want to connect on a deeper level.

INFJs don’t want surface level small talk, they want to know what is really going on in your life. They need meaningful connections and go out of their way to build exactly that. If you’re not willing to truly open up to them being close isn’t going to be possible.

12. They refuse to settle.

INFJs know what they want in life, and they are always working hard to get where they feel they deserve to be. They might care for others and be quite emotional, but they’re not going to settle for less than what they feel they need in this life. This in life and love all the same.