When we think of attractive quirks that women have, we often think of those who are barely dressed or those who act overtly sensual. However, when it comes down to it, the things that drive a man wild, are the little habits and unique traits that truly make her who she is.

So, if you think that he isn’t going to be into you or that you aren’t ‘sexy’ enough to drive him wild, you are completely out of your mind. Because while men may sometimes seem to be the less than emotionally in-depth type, they honestly really do pay attention to the little things, and those are the things that get their attention and keep it.

Here are 12 oddly attractive things that men just can’t get enough of!

1. The way your hair curls perfectly around your ears.

In an article written by a man, he explains that for some reason, it is almost ‘diabolical’ how a woman’s hair curls around her ear, when she is doing the most mundane of activities. While it does seem like a strange thing to notice, my husband affirmed that the little things our hair does (in contrast to another dude) are uniquely attention-drawing.

2. The facial expression we make when we are focused.

Men find it fascinating how women furrow their eyebrows when attempting to truly focus on a project or task. And they also seem to be just as interested in the faces we make when we are mad, and when we are deeply entertained.

3. The uncanny ability women have to make awkward situations less awkward.

Men think differently than women, and most people seem to pretty much understand that. And while men may be more inclined in some ways, they aren’t typically ‘thinking on their feet,’ so when a strange situation arises, and they see a woman able to make the best out of the unexpected, it is awe-inspiring to them.

4. Well-groomed hands and feet.

Men can gauge how well a woman takes care of herself by looking at the visible appendages, including hands and feet. While they may not notice that your polish is coordinated with your outfit, they will notice that you have good hygiene and make an effort to look your best.

5. A positive outlook.

One of the biggest turnoffs to a man is a woman who is constantly seeing the negative in the world. And oftentimes, they associate you as a person with how you view the world. So, when you are optimistic, it’s quite the turn on, and they see you as someone easier to be around.

6. Self-confidence.

Similar to how a man will associate a woman’s personality with her outlook on life, men also think of us in consideration of how we carry ourselves. If we think we are beautiful and carry ourselves that way, they pick up on that.

7. Your style.

Men pay attention to a woman’s style and associate it with our personality. While piercings and tats may be hot to one, it may be a turn off to another. It comes down to what they associate with each look.

8. Your back.

There is something very feminine and unique about a woman’s back, and it drives them wild! While this one is more of a physical trait, if the back shows in a way that reveals just enough of their back without seeming too in your face – men notice.

9. Your sense of humor.

A girl who laughs and smiles, and has a way of enjoying herself is a major turn on to a guy. When women are dry and stuck up, they usually aren’t going to laugh with him and have silly fun. But, a girl who starts snort-laughing at a butt joke is likely to be more laid back and carefree.

10.The way you sleep.

Men pay attention to the various difference between them, and females. And sleep is one thing we do a bit differently, or perhaps it’s that we are more delicate? Regardless, seeing us curled up in a ball, smiling blissfully and resting is something they can’t get enough of.

11. A kind attitude.

Men notice when a woman regards others with love and kindness. If you treat others inconsiderately, you immediately push them away, because they think that is probably how you would regard them.

12.Your listening skills.

Most men seem to agree that compared to their male friends, a female is much better at listening and even helping during a tough situation.

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