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Lightworkers and empaths are very similar, and yet also very different. While empaths and lightworkers work well together they are not the same thing.

Empaths are people who can absorb and truly feel the emotions of others. While they do enjoy healing/helping others, this does not make them a lightworker. However, I am sure there are some people who can be both just that not all are both.

A lightworker is someone who is working to save the planet. Someone who was sent here for that purpose. Lightworkers are extra sensitive and can often be quite receptive to any energies they come in contact with.

See? Not the same thing, but they are still quite similar. The empath will become overwhelmed in crowds and can tell when someone is being dishonest whereas the lightworker likes to be out and about for the most part and is not quite intuitive. Below you will find lists of the characteristics of each of these two things.

Regardless of which of these two you are, you are wonderful. If you are an empath or a lightworker you need to work to control your gift. There is nothing worse than an uneducated individual with a skill like this.

Characteristics Of An Empath:

Always standing up for the underdog

Feeling the emotions of others as if they were your own

Loves nature with a passion

Gets bored easily

Naturally drawn to healing

Knowing when someone is lying

Constant exhaustion

Naturally drawn to healing, holistic therapies and the metaphysical

Constant daydreamer

Intolerant to narcissism

Constantly looking for answers

Often appears moody, shy, shify, aloof, or disconnected

Characteristics Of A Lightworker:

Feels compelled to teach

Often has been through a lot in life

Wants to save the world

Has a strong sense of awakening

Feels called to heal others

Feels strongly about environmentalism and the treatment of animals

Aware of the power of thoughts and the ability to manifest

Have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of divine perfection

Might be a psychic medium

Aware of your own fears and the fears of the people around you

Extremely sensitive to energies

A sense of urgency to fulfill your life mission before knowing that you are here for a higher purpose.

Take a look at the video below for more information on this subject. While you may have thought you were one thing before this article, chances are you are in a very different mindset now. You are in control of your own mind. Be true to yourself.