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When we are born into this world we do not get any kind of guidelines or a book on how to survive. We have to make our way as best we can and try to live our lives how we see fit.

We come into this life not knowing what we should do or where we should go. We are given nothing but a body, a mind and a soul. While we do figure a lot out along the way many of us still struggle to even really understand life itself as we hit old age. Below I am going to go over some of the ‘rules’ I feel are somewhat unspoken when it comes to being a human.

While not all of these will resonate with everyone I am sure most of them will. These are things many of us do without thought. How many of these do you think align with you and your life? Do you follow these rules?

12 Rules For Being Human and Living On Earth:

1. Love is something that we must feel.

On some level even from birth, we feel love. This is not something that we can avoid because we all feel it at one point or another. Sure, love means different things to different people but it really does keep the world going around. Without love, we would be lost as humans.

2. We only get one body and we have to embrace it.

Whether you like your body or not you have to embrace it. You don’t get to jump from one corpse to the next, that just isn’t how it works. If your soul manifests in a body you do not like, you have to learn to love yourself despite the way you may look. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways even if it is a hard thing to accept.

3. We must live with purpose, merely existing is pointless.

Far too often people struggle to find meaning in their lives. Living with purpose is something we all seek but not many are able to attain. When we have meaning in our lives we are able to truly thrive. Merely existing does nothing but force us to wilt away.

4. Mistakes are lessons.

While this one might be more of a reminder than a rule, it is worth noting. We make a lot of mistakes throughout our time here on earth and each one is a lesson that we need to learn. If we do not learn the lesson behind something, we will end up being brought back to that mistake time and time again.

5. Without laughter things get boring.

Life is not something many are able to enjoy without laughter. Laughter is a form of medicine that we all need to keep in mind. Through laughing together we truly bond with one another.

6. We have to take care of our bodies!

If you do not take care of your body you will not get very far in this life. There are a ton of diseases and illnesses that can and will take you away from here. What we eat and how we treat our body matters more than most of us care to acknowledge.

7. Tomorrow is never promised, mindfulness is crucial.

Being present in the moment is something many people struggle with. They get to caught up in the things this world has to offer and end up working too hard for next to nothing. When this happens we need to remind ourselves to slow down and take a moment to pause. Stop and smell the roses, time is already going by so quick you’re missing everything.

8. We have to take care of our minds.

Without taking care of our minds we will deteriorate quickly. Your mental health matters and without working on yourself you will not get very far in this world. Being human comes with a lot of drawbacks but as time goes on we are learning to deal with so much more than you could ever imagine. While some of us are born with different mental disorders and so forth, we can always take care of ourselves mentally within our own means.

9. We make our own paths in this world.

We are the ones in charge of what we do and how we do things. We are able to do good as well as bad, and the choices you make in this life shape who you become. While the universe does pave the way, everything is ultimately up to each of us. If you end up stuck in a rut, that is your fault.

10. We must build connections, they are unavoidable.

In this life, you have to connect with someone somewhere at some point; there is no way around it. You can fight it all you want but in the end, someone will always find their way to you. Every connection is important, no matter how small.

11. We should all be willing to give on some level.

Giving is important even on the smallest levels. Bringing a smile to the face of another is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Happiness of this kind is the only kind that truly lasts.

12. The answers we seek can only be found within.

While it might not seem like it soul searching is much more useful than most make it out to be. If you want to understand your life and your soul you need to travel within. The answers to everything are locked away within each of us.