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In life, many of us feel pushed to settle with a basic job, pay out bills and live our lives. However, what if there was a better way, a way to find a passion that aligns with your mind, body, and spirit, while not just living, but thriving?

There is a way to do this! When our life’s work isn’t just about money but is aligned with our purpose and what we are good at, work isn’t ‘just work’ anymore. If you, much like many people, are still unsure of what it is that you are good at, there are several ways you can figure it out, and find a path that aligns with your purpose. Here are 12 effective tips to find out what you are good at.

1. Ask others that know you well.

Ask your friends, family, and past coworkers what they believe you are best at. If it’s hard to remain unbiased, as it can typically be when trying to assess our talents, it may be easier to get an unbiased outside opinion from a friend or family member.

2. Take personality tests.

Tests like the Myers-Briggs 16 personality test can also provide suggestions based on your most apparent personality traits. I took one for fun a few months ago, and it hit the nail on the head and aligned with my current fields.

3. Reflect on past accomplishments.

Think back to past jobs and school accomplishments. Even in jobs you are no longer working in, you can check your past certificates or even just reflect on moments in which you felt at peace with that job. Just because you no longer work in a particular field, doesn’t mean you can’t take something beneficial from it and apply it elsewhere.

4. Reflect on moments of pure bliss.

Think back to moments in which you felt blissful and happy. What were you doing? What truly brings you joy? When you were a child, what did you want to be most?

5. Stay open-minded.

Stay open-minded when you are trying to find what you are good at. Don’t close yourself into a box, and don’t limit yourself. While it may feel natural to do so, if you do, you may completely miss the right option.

6. Practice.

Learn new things and practice them. Take online courses on SkillShare or Udemy or even YouTube. There are a variety of things you can try, beginning with what you love. You may find with practice, your painting skills improve, putting you on the right level to sell your work. At least give your dreams a chance.

7. Establish what comes naturally.

What comes most naturally for you? Think back to hobbies or jobs in which you were a natural. You might be surprised at where your true talents align.

8. Try new things and give them a chance.

Don’t ever be afraid to try new things. You may have thought in the past that you could never be good at mechanic work, only to find when you gave it a try that it’s what you enjoy most. What if you completely blocked yourself from your true purpose? It’s entirely possible.

9. Forget about money or practicality.

Remove money or practical ideals from your mind for a moment. Now, if those things weren’t an obstacle, what would you try?

10. Take some online quizzes.

The internet has a plethora of quizzes and tests that can be taken for free. You can find anything from finding your true passion, finding what you were meant for, or tests for your dream job. Check out job sites, or just Google things about finding your purpose or dream job. You will stumble upon many tests and quizzes.

11. Don’t overthink it.

Don’t get too hung up on overthinking small details. Start simple, think about what you are drawn to, and don’t get too hung up on the obstacles. You may have to start small, but that’s okay. Sometimes a hobby is what ends up being our dream career.

12. Look at job advertisements.

Check out sites like Indeed to look at places that are hiring around you and the unique opportunities they offer. Oftentimes, if you want to broaden your horizons, you can add the word ‘remote’ to your search to find at-home opportunities that are great.