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While it might not seem like it not everywhere on this great planet of ours is expensive. There are some countries with lower costs than most and in those countries, someone could live quite lavishly for about one thousand bucks or less.

If you’ve been wanting to travel and saved up a few thousand, you could get by for months in different places if you have several thousand dollars. Below I am going to go over some of the places on this planet that we could live for about a thousand or less. These are places that lots of people love to travel to already and while they might be beautiful, they’re quite cheap when it comes to living. Sure, there are some unexpected expenses in some places but overall, these are some good choices if you’re wanting to explore this world.

While traveling overall can be a bit expensive and if you go to the hotspots you’re in for a big bill, you can have a lot of fun in some pretty amazing places for a good price. This world is huge and there are places all over it well worth checking out. Bruce Northam actually shared with Thrillist some of his favorite countries that can be lived in for roughly one thousand dollars or less each month and well, it was quite inspiring.

Below as noted above you will find a list of some of the places listed by Northam and a few of my favorites that I personally can’t wait to see. Seeing this world isn’t as costly as most assume. If you really want to spend a year or just under exploring, save up some money and choose where you’re heading. You can get quite far on much less than you might realize.

1. Armenia

Armenia is a place that not many people seem to know about. It is in the middle east and well, it’s known to have some pretty amazing food. Renting a one-bedroom place there goes for usually under three hundred bucks per month and is a great start to living there for a few months if you so choose. From here you could also even visit Georgia which is quite close.

2. Fiji

Fiji is an amazing place that so many people love. It really does look like heaven on Earth and well, the mountain is truly mind-blowing in all ways. This place and its gorgeous atmosphere paired with the cheap costs really is fascinating. You can typically get a room for anywhere from three hundred to seven hundred a month and from there get by as best you can for the rest of the month if you’re on a budget of around one thousand.

3. Laos

Laos might not be somewhere everyone wants to visit but those who like to relax know it to be a place of serenity. While it is a ‘water’ country you can rent a raft and a place to stay for quite cheap. For around five hundred a month, you’ll be pretty content with room for fun as you’ll have about five hundred left for the month.

4. Nepal

While you’re on your way to India or perhaps after having visited India, Nepal is a good place to stay for a bit as well. This nation in itself is quite beautiful and well worth checking out. Lots of local goods and tons of places to explore. This place is especially cheap as you can get somewhere to stay for around two hundred each month roughly.

5. The Philippines

While not many people realize this, the Philippines are still quite beautiful all the while not necessarily being a ‘rich-country.’ If you like the basics of things and want to really see how others live this country is one you will come to appreciate well. It is extremely cheap to live in and you could get by on next to nothing, honestly.

6. Nicaragua

While this country is quite poor it is amazing how far you can get with very little. You can enjoy all your time by the beach and rent a place for under four hundred roughly every month. While not many people realize this if you want to see an amazing beach you should be checking out this place before most others.

7. Zimbabwe

This place in Africa is well worth checking out. You can do so much here and really are able to do anything you want, from rafting to spending time with actual lions according to Northam. With rooms costing under four hundred a month here as well, you’re capable of really making the most of the time you spend with the money you have.

8. India

While it’s not a place I would want to spend the rest of my life in, India is well worth checking out. If you don’t mind the pollution in the air too bad or have good lungs it can be a marvelous place to go see. This country has tons of different areas that are all so different from one another meaning there is something here for everyone.

9. Thailand

Thailand is an Asian country that has tons of amazing street food, a banging nightlife and so much more. You get a free thirty-day visa at the airport and can go island hopping all you want. That being said, do pack some mosquito spray.

10. Montenegro

This interesting country is one that not many people even realize exists. It is a small place with lots of people but also tons of history. If you like to hike, it’s the perfect place for you. You can do a lot here for quite cheap and honestly, may never want to leave.

11. Bolivia

If you like grass and huge fields or mountain ranges, this place is the one for you. While you do have to purchase a visa, it is well worth it. With hostels costing roughly five to ten bucks per night you can spend a lot of time here for very little money. These hills and the greenery are to die for.

12. Grenada

This marvelous place is going to let you really forget the things you’ve been stressing over big time. It is peaceful and you have so many things to do. You can spend time on the beach, hike, eat local foods, and so much more. You can even rent a cabbie here according to Northam for about twenty bucks per night. Yes, per night.