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We all kiss, whether it’s romantically, or to someone that simply just matters. However, did you realize that kissing is actually an act of healing ourselves?

With that being said, how many times a day do you kiss another person? Do you kiss them often and with love, or do you only kiss when it’s necessary? If you aren’t quite free with the kisses, perhaps it’s time to be, as according to various professionals, it’s not only good for us, it’s actually beneficial to our well-being.

In fact, kisses can be quite healing possibly to all types of ailments. Just see for yourself.

1. Kissing creates a bond.

Oxytocin is what makes us bond with others, and through kissing, we release this hormone and instantly feel connected to another person. Kissing forges bonds that other shows of affection doesn’t.

2. Kisses relieve stress.

Feeling stressed? Kiss someone. Studies show that when we feeling stressed, kisses can provide a sense of comfort that actually relieves stress.

3. Kisses can heighten our self-esteem.

On top of making us happier and less stressed out, kisses can improve our self-esteem. Researchers in a 2016 study found that participants that were feeling unhappy with themselves had higher cortisol. Kisses drop that chemical.

4. They boost immunity.

Kisses can cause our immunity to boost and actually prevent disease. By introducing new3 bacteria, we become immune to them, thus making our bodies a powerhouse against a certain disease.

5. They can lessen our tendency to have allergic reactions.

An allergist in 2016 studied 24 patients and found that their bodies were less prone to an allergic outbreak within 30 mins of kissing.

6. Kissing lowers blood pressure.

Ryan Neinstein says that while we kiss, our blood vessels can become dilated, which helps blood flow. On top of that, our cortisol levels are lower, which affect blood pressure as well.

7. They make us more alert.

By stimulating our adrenaline and noradrenaline, kisses cause us to feel more alert. By increasing our heart rate, and upping our blood flow, the effects could be better than caffeine.

8. And they lower cholesterol.

By reducing stress, kisses could cause “improvements on physiological parameters that are exacerbated by stress” such as cholesterol, according to Mental Floss.

9. They improve oral health.

Kissing is good for our microbiota. If these are out of balance, or low on diversity, exchanging saliva could actually prove to be quite helpful, as it improves the health of our dental.

10. And they make our muscles strong.

While we are all working to tighten those abs, facial fitness may be just as important. Kisses use 30 facial muscles that keep the cheeks nice and tight.

11. They help us choose right.

Kisses help us assess our mates and pick the right person. Kissing allows us to hear someone, to see them and to feel them. Back off Tinder, I can mate match on my own.

12. It soothes the pain.

Due to increased blood flow, kisses can help alleviate pain. Having menstrual cramps or headaches? Studies show kissing helps.