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Heartbreak is one of the most difficult experiences you will ever go through. And a heartbroken woman knows that all too well.

Unfortunately, all of us will have to endure heartbreak at least once in our lives, and when it happens, it can feel like the weight of the world is crushing you. The pain is unexplainable. Heartbreak is often thought of as a purely emotional problem, but heartbreak is so much more than that. It can cause physical pain and even cause a disease called ‘broken heart syndrome.’

If you know someone who you worry may be heartbroken, here are 12 behavior that will reveal she is.

1. She cannot stop crying.

A heartbroken woman will cry at the drop of a dime. Even the slightest hint of the situation that led her to her broken heart will make her shatter into pieces. She may hold back her tears or try to hide them, but they are there.

2. She isolates herself.

Heartbroken women will stay away from their friends and family. She will stop socializing, for the most part, because she simply wants to be alone. It will take time, but eventually, she will come back around.

3. Her sleeping schedule has changed.

Heartbreak can affect different people in different ways. For some, they may sleep all the time. While others may sleep a lot less.

4. Her eating habits have changed.

A heartbroken woman will struggle with her eating habits. Much like sleeping habits, eating habits are affected differently by different people. Some may emotionally eat, which causes them to eat a lot more, while others will eat much less.

5. She seems lost.

If you pay attention to heartbroken women, you will notice she seems a bit lost. She may zone out easily and have a hard time paying attention. This is because her mind is preoccupied with the pain she is suffering with.

6. She is obsessed with what went wrong.

A heartbroken woman will likely ruminate over the recent past. She will go over every detail of the encounter or relationship that broke her heart, trying to figure out a way to understand what went wrong.

7. She can’t stay in the moment.

Because of her pain, the heartbroken woman may seem scattered. She will try her best to stay in the moment, but as soon as she gets her attention back in the present, it will escape her all over again.

8. She blames herself.

The heartbroken woman will go through many cycles of grief. She may experience anger, sadness, loss, and then self-loathing. During the self-loathing phase, she will blame herself for every little thing that went wrong.

9. She is struggling at work.

When you are in the midst of heartbreak, it can be hard to focus on much of anything. Even your job can become a major struggle because as much as you want to focus on work and do a good job, your heartbreak will remain at the forefront of your mind. Because of that, someone who is heartbroken will likely struggle at work.

10. She isn’t taking care of herself.

When a woman is going through a heartbreak, she does not have the energy to take care of herself or interest in taking care of herself as she once did. She may not shower for days, or even brush her teeth or her hair. And on some days, she may not even get out of bed.

11. She has changed drastically.

A heartbreak changes you, there is no doubt about that. A woman who endures a heartbreak is likely to come out on the other side a completely different person. To those around her, this may seem odd, but there is no avoiding it in many cases.

12. She is acting impulsively.

Another sign of a heartbroken woman is impulsivity. She may act in ways or do things to try to numb the pain. In some cases, people enduring heartbreak will engage in adrenalin-inducing activities or really anything to take their mind off of the pain.