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In the spiritual and psychic worlds, there are four ‘clairs’ of intuition, including clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Clair means clear, making these words translate to clear hearing, clear seeing, clear feeling, and clear knowing.

Intuitive people possess different manifestations of these abilities. In this article, we are going to discuss clairsentience. For someone who is clairsentient, they are somewhat of an empathic superpower and someone who can pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others, even when they are unspoken.

In many cases, people who possess these abilities don’t even realize it until they notice the signs, and once you know that you possess this ability, you can work with it and make it better. Here are 12 signs of clairsentience.

1. When you meet people, you pick up on their situation, even before you get to know them.

Clairsentient people can pick up on people, places, and things, within moments of coming into contact with them. Oftentimes, they may realize someone’s true intentions, even when the person never voices them.

2. You feel drawn to the supernatural and the occult.

Clairsentient people are often naturally drawn to the spiritual realm. At an early age, they often report liking crystals, tarot cards, and mystical beings. And their interest-only increases over time.

3. People seem drawn to you to tell you about their personal lives.

A major indicator that you are clairsentient is when you notice people that you don’t even know feel the need to come up to you and randomly tell you very personal things about them. The reason for this is that they sense your abilities and naturally feel at ease with you. In a way, this works as a means to heal them.

4. You feel overstimulated when you are in a crowd.

Clairsentient people are very sensitive. Due to this, they can pick up on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others. Unfortunately, when you have these abilities and are surrounded by a dozen or more people, it can be a lot, leaving you feeling drained and overstimulated.

5. You are a natural empath.

People who believe themselves to be empathic are often also clairsentient. Being an empath is associated with clairsentience, but not all empaths are clairsentient. With that being said, everyone who is clairsentient is an empath.

6. You sense spirits.

As someone who is clairsentient, I remember seeing ghosts as a child. I could feel them and sense them, but I tried to tell myself as I got older that I must have just had a wild imagination. In my early 20’s this started happening again and still does to this day. It just comes with the territory.

7. You feel the energy in rooms upon entering.

Upon entering a room, if you can sense the feelings and emotions and overall vibe, you are likely an empath. A good example of this is when you enter into a room and suddenly feel terror and sadness, only to find out someone died in that room years before. Clairsentients can pick up on things like that, without even meaning to.

8. You get strong gut feelings about people.

Have you ever met someone, and just had a really bad feeling about them, only to find out later on you were right? That is another sign of clairsentience. And the more often this happens to you, the more likely you are to be clairsentient.

9. Sometimes you know exactly what someone is about to say before they do.

If you find that you can often finish people’s sentences, or even guess what someone is about to say before they ever open their mouth, you are likely clairsentient. The reason this is so is that when you can pick up on people’s energy, you can usually pick up on their thoughts and feelings too.

10. You are easily overstimulated.

Clairsentient individuals are easily overstimulated, which makes it hard for them to be around in highly-stimulating environments for too long. If loud noises overwhelm you, or bright lights, and you find that public places make you feel queazy, you are probably clairsentient.

11. You are excessively self-aware.

Clairsentient individuals are very aware of their environments, and also of other people and themselves. While many other people may not be able to see or understand themselves very well, someone who is clairsentient most definitely can.

12. You have been referred to as “overly sensitive” a lot.

Many clairsentient individuals are mistaken as overly sensitive. And while they may be sensitive, it’s on a much different level than someone who is just sensitive. But I wouldn’t consider this gift a bad thing, as it most definitely has a spiritual purpose.