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When it comes to science it seems the things that make us like one another are a lot easier to pinpoint than most realize. Sure, you might be drawn to someone’s smile but is that what everyone else is drawn to?

There have been tons of studies throughout the years about what makes people likable and what makes them the opposite. It’s not just a coincidence when you meet someone that you truly feel a connection with, it’s all about who they are and the things they do. Even those who consider themselves ‘unlikable’ can work towards making changes that will draw others in more properly, if they truly want to.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that as time passes science has proven through to being factors that feed into our ‘likability.’ Are you someone lacking these things or do you have them all down properly? I for one think in time I’ll get things figured out better.

11 Things That Make A Person ‘Likable’:

1. Being A Good Listener

Allowing others to talk about themselves will get them to like you more because people love to talk about themselves. In allowing them to really open up you’re making them feel like you care about the things they have to say and their lives in general. When we talk about ourselves we feel rewarded in many ways and this makes us correlate those we’re speaking to in a quite positive manner.

2. Giving Compliments

As human beings, we love to be complimented. When you give someone a compliment you’re making them feel better about themselves whether you realize it or not. The things we say about others changes how they see us. If we’re building them up they’re going to think more highly of us.

3. Sharing Kind Words

The nicer we are the more people are going to like us. While it might not always seem like it, being kind gets you pretty far. The more you act like you like the people around you the more they will end up liking you within reason. As long as you’re not coming across as a ‘suck up.’

4. Being Positive

No one likes to spend time with a negative Nancy. The more positive you are the more you’re going to come across as likable. We are influenced by the moods of the people around us if someone we’re spending time with is happy we too will be happy. Even if we’re not being clear, this is easy to pick up on and can make a big difference.

5. Being Consistent

When you actually follow through with the things you say you’re going to do, people begin to notice. We all love being able to rely on others when needed and the more you prove you’re capable of this the more liked you will become. While it might not seem like much, this can make a huge impact in the lives of those around you.

6. Not Seeking Attention

No one likes an attention seeker. The more you try to get people to like you the less they’re going to. This is just how things are, and we all need to be aware of that. If you like yourself and are competent overall, you’re going to be much more likable than someone who is trying too hard to fit in.

7. Smiling Freely

Smiling is something we all like more than we don’t. If someone is frowning and appears mad we’re not going to want to approach them. People who are likable usually have a very open and warm demeanor. The more you smile the more drawn to you people will be within reason.

8. Being Yourself

We don’t want to be around people who are trying too hard. If you’re being yourself people are going to like you a lot more than you’d expect. Show your vulnerable side from time to time and really let your ‘human’ shine. We’re all imperfectly perfect no matter how you look at things.

9. Sharing Secrets

Sharing your own secrets with someone will make them feel important and thus make them like you more. They will feel like you’re really getting to know one another and building trust even if it’s a bit fabricated. If they share a secret with you and you keep that secret you’re going to be getting in good with this person quickly.

10. Having A Sense Of Humor

We all love to laugh and if you’re able to make other people giggle here and there, they will like you more. While you shouldn’t be making controversial jokes right off the bat, being a bit open and showing your silly side is a good thing. In doing this you are creating a ‘safe space’ for those around you.

11. Being Honest

Honesty is a very important thing that many people look for in those they choose to be around. The more honest and trustworthy you are the more you will be liked. People don’t want to be surrounded by those who are only going to tell them what they want to hear.