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You might not think much of seeing repeating numbers but the truth is there is a message hiding behind each one. The more you see a set of numbers the more important it is for you to work to understand those numbers and their meanings.

The number 11/11 or 11:11 is a very powerful number. It is one that many people see but few stop to truly comprehend. Whether you’re seeing this number all the time or merely at night when you glance at the clock, it means something for you.

This number is an angel number and is a sign from your guardian angels that you are seriously in need of change. It should serve as a reminder that you need to really open up and enjoy life but also that you are on your way to true awakening. 

You see, the number 11:11 is the number that we, for the most part, consider being a direct sign to a person that they are facing the beginning of something enormous. You are on your way to great things and you need to be reminded to stay down the path you’re on and continue to grow properly. While in numerology we usually reduce numbers down, this is a number we ALWAYS leave intact. This is a master number but doubled and when you see it frequently it means you are working to align more properly with your higher self.

In regards to this special number The Secret of The Tarot wrote as follows on their website:

When you begin to see 1111 in your experience, again and again, it is a sign that you are called to do more than just realize your personal potential.

It is a calling from the Universe, the Angels or Messengers of Light that you have been called to a distinctly meaningful destiny as a Light Worker and that your calling if heard and heeded will touch people all around the world.

In the Major Arcanum of the Tarot, this energy is symbolized by the Strength card. In that card, an angelic figure crowned with the symbol for infinity placates a lion by closing its jaws.

This is significant because there is a creative, angelic being within all of us that knows what has to be done and is willing and able to do it.

Seeing the number 11:11 is a sign that this being is awakening within us, or that we are awakening to the presence of that being within us.

This number might not seem like much to those who refuse to see the energetic world as it is but those who are intune with their truest form and working to better themselves will feel a real connection with it. When you see this number make your dreams a priority and really work to achieve all that you want in this life. You are truly capable of so much more than you realize.

The more you see 11:11 the more clear it should become to you that there are doors opening in your life to great places. You are working hard and getting things done. Do not hold back and remember where you are headed. Your angels want you to know that all of this is beginning to pay off and as they make it clear, you should do your best to keep yourself as strong as possible.

To learn more about the power of 11:11 and why you might be finding it in your life please check out the video below. This is a great experience for you and it shows that you’re doing all you should be doing. Be proud of yourself.