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Sure, when you think of boy Genius you picture Jimmy Neutron, right? Well, William Maillis is possibly as close to Jimmy Neutron as we are going to get in real life.

William Maillis is not your average 11-year-old; he is a kid on a mission. Because of Maillis’ advanced education/abilities for his age he is on track to really putting his brain to use. Maillis intends to use his gift to prove that God does exist. Whether you are religious or not you most likely already know this is no easy task.

Maillis is from Pennsylvania and graduated from high school at the age of 9! He attended community college classes and has gone on to graduate this past June from St. Petersburg College. His whole family is truly blown-away as is the rest of the world. Something that Maillis has that sets him apart from others is not only his brain power but also his faith.

While he is still not done with schooling and is going on to get his bachelor’s degree his story is one that many need to hear. This young boy was learning addition and subtraction when he was not even two years old yet and by the age of 4 was able to do proper algebra! Now, that you know a bit about this young boy you most likely already know that Hawkings was not someone that believed in God and stated on many occasions that no one created the universe.

Maillis disagrees with some of the things Hawking had theorized during his life and the existence of a God or lack thereof is one of them. Maillis has his own ideas of how to prove the existence of the universe in relation and since he’s just 11 has plenty of time to work on his own theories. While it might sound a bit silly to some the fact that he wants to work towards such a huge goal is admirable no matter what your views are.

Some people believe he is being pushed by his parents to say and strive for these kinds of things but others believe in him and cannot wait to see where he takes things. Over on a Quora forum, this topic has been gone over time and time again. Perhaps in time, we will see just what this mind has to offer.

Debbie Kurth wrote on Quora as follows in regards and seems to have high hopes for young Maillis:

Hawkings got trapped in the weeds of chicken and egg. If you apply the formulas of physics, no matter which one, the core is, it always comes back to the source of energy. There is nothing, without energy. No gravity. No mass. No Time. No Speed. All of these are subsets of the primary core of energy and the derivations.

Something can not come from nothing. 0=0. 0 does not become 1 with no influence. Even the law of conservation and observation of nature, state this. Our limited experience in space demonstrated this. A body in motion will stay in motion. A body at rest will stay at rest unless there is an influence.

This young brilliant child has the perspective of core simplicity.
Something Hawkings lost.

To hear Mallis speak in the video below on the topic and then decide where you think he will end up. Could he end up proving the existence of God or is that something that is impossible to prove? Please approach this video without bias and with an open mind as you should everything you take in.