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Empaths and energetically sensitive people tend to absorb much more from the world around them than they would like to. They don’t get to pick and choose which emotions they allow inside and because of that, they often end up quite overwhelmed.

While we do need to embrace this side of ourselves, we can work to change the way we are affected by the energies before us. Absorbing things like pain and stress can be reduced if we work hard enough at it. While you cannot turn the switch off you can work to protect yourself and if you aren’t already the following things will make doing that a lot easier. Below you will find a list of things you can do that will help you to stop absorbing the stress of others, while some of them you may already do being sure to do all of them will make a difference.

11 Things You Can Do To Stop Absorbing Stress:

1. Put a label on it.

Make sure you are labeling the emotions before you as you find them. Don’t try to make it into something it is not; if it is stress then it is stress. Mislabeling the things you are absorbing is not going to help you to let go of it when the time comes to do so.

2. When you sense it, take a step back if needed.

When you feel yourself taking on stress if you need to take a break or relax do it. Don’t let it build up. Sometimes we need a break and refusing to give yourself one will really force you to hold onto that stress for much longer than you would need to otherwise. When it comes to trying to stop and absorb the stress others have you have to be able to remove yourself completely from time to time.

3. Surround yourself with positivity.

While you cannot completely remove yourself from the situation that is causing the stress to dive into your being you can build up the positivity. The more you build up the positive energies the less effective the negative ones will be. One cancels out the other.

4. Remind yourself that their emotions are not your own.

As an empath or energetically sensitive person, you need to remind yourself that the other person’s emotions and stress are not your own. You have to do this time and time again. It is not something that ever truly sinks in.

5. Know your triggers.

Know what kinds of things cause you to absorb the most stress. What situations really end up weighing on you the heaviest? I am sure at least a few will stand out the more you think about this.

6. Try to be as grounded as possible.

The more grounded you are the more protected you will be from the energies of others. While remembering to ground yourself might be a bit frustrating the more you do it the more used to it you will become. Do not give up!

7. Use your stress management skills.

As we grow up we learn how to manage stress. Don’t bother ignoring the stress before you, work to properly manage it even before you’ve truly absorbed it. This makes it a lot easier to avoid it.

8. Set proper boundaries.

If a specific person is always bringing you to absorb the most stress or a specific situation is causing more stress than it is worth set boundaries that work in your favor. Perhaps you shouldn’t be the person that someone is coming to. Just because you’re easy to talk to doesn’t mean you have to listen to anyone and everyone.

9. Be aware of who you absorb the most stress from.

If someone is causing you to absorb a lot of stress all of the time for what seems like little reason either limit your exposure with them or cut ties. If you are allowing this person to bring you down constantly you will never be content and will always be stressed. Sure, this one is hard but sometimes it is important.

10. Let the stress you have absorbed out.

If you have already absorbed a lot of stress let go of it. Learning to let go of the stress before it is fully absorbed in the future will do you wonders. While this will take some time the more you work at it the more you will achieve. I have found that meditation is the best means for doing this.

11. Remind yourself that sometimes showing compassion is enough.

Don’t allow yourself to forget that sometimes you don’t have to let a person dispel all of their emotions onto you. You can be compassionate from a distance. You do not have to let them open up all the way for you to feel for them on some level. If you don’t want to talk about something because you know it will force you to absorb more stress from the person, don’t do it.