Negativity is something that can and will consume us all if we allow it to. If you believe there is negativity surrounding you, it is time you do something about it.

If you think you are feeling overwhelmed with negativity, then you most likely are. When times like this occur, you need to remember that you can and will overcome them. Take a look at the list below and remember to do these things in order to promote a more positive environment for yourself and those around you.

11 Ways to Cleanse Your Life of All Negativity:

1. Carry protective crystals

In my opinion, the best crystals for repelling negative energies are black tourmaline and tiger’s eye. With that being said, you can look into different crystals and pick some that call to you. I carry black tourmaline with me every single day.

2. Make your intent known

Place both hands over your heart and make your intent clear. Write it down and burn it or repeat it as many times as you like. Use your inner voice as well as your outer voice, and speak as loud and clear as possible.

3. Laugh more often

Laughter is one of the best ways to become more positive. For those who may have forgotten, laughter is contagious. If you are laughing, you can get the whole house laughing.

4. Have a smudging ceremony

Smudging is one of the best ways to get rid of negativity. I, for one, use white sage, but you can use whatever herbs you see fit. Make or buy some smudging sticks and burn them while repeating your intent.

5. Say a clearing and protection mantra/prayer

Pick a mantra that works for you. This could be something simple or something complicated, that all depends on your personal preferences. Repeat this mantra and say it loudly. Make yourself believe it and it will become true.

6. Burn orange peels

Grate up some orange peels and throw them into a pan. Cook them for a little while and as the smell grows in the room it will ward off any negativity that may be lingering. To be honest, this is one of my favorite things to do as it smells so lovely and always brightens my mood.

7. Light more candles

Set your intent and then light them. These candles will melt away all of the lower level energies. While this may sound a bit outlandish, I always feel better after doing so.

8. Declutter your life

The more clutter you have in your life the more stress you have. Declutter as much as you can, be it literally cleaning or mentally dumping things you don’t need to be thinking about. We could all declutter our lives in one way or another.

9. Yawn away the negativity (YES, REALLY)

Yawning helps to clear the body of unwanted energies. Think of it as breathing, but as a means of getting rid of negativity. There is nothing bad about yawning.

10. Create an attractor for the lower level energies

Place a glass of water in the corner of your room, and set your intent on this water. Make it known that you want this water to attract lower level energies. Keep this glass as full as you can until you feel the energies have been removed, and then pour it outside. Let mother nature transform those energies into something special.

11. Let go of things causing you stress

If there is something causing you stress that you don’t have to have in your life, let it go. We tend to hold onto things for far too long in life, and it can be quite saddening. Be true to who you are and stop letting things get you down.

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