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We all have our anxious moments and stressed times, some more-so than others but that does not mean they have to define our lives. We are all capable of overcoming the things that are bringing us down the most when we go about it in the right way. 

Sure, in some cases outside influence is needed to address these kinds of things but when it comes to calming your anxious mind or removing some of your stress on a realistic level there isn’t much to it. In the moment these thoughts and problems seem enormous but the truth is, they are tiny. Taking action against them becomes much easier the more you work at it. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things you can do to work through your anxious moments and reduce stress in your life. While some of these are quite simple not all of them are easy to accomplish for everyone. Figure out which ones work best for you and from there make them a serious part of your everyday life.

11 Ways To Calm Your Mind When You’re Anxious and Stressed:

1. Ask yourself how important the issue really is.

Question yourself and really dig deep enough to figure out how important things truly are. Is what you’re stressing about really worth stressing over? Are the things before you as realistic as you think they are?

2. Choose not to believe the thoughts being pushed your way.

Sometimes the thoughts you’re dealing with are not the thoughts you should believe. Question the thoughts before you and figure out what is true and what isn’t. If something isn’t even a truth why should you be wasting your time with it?

3. Breathe in and out, seriously.

In your worst moments breathe in and out as best you can. Slow your breathing and really give yourself a moment to relax. This might not seem like much but it can and will in some ways remove you from that place in your own mind for a moment and allow you the strength to move forward.

4. Focus more on the present.

Be as present in the moment as you possibly can. Do not let other people push you to focus on the future and do not dwell on the past. If you’re being jerked down, cut ties and remain on firm ground.

5. Distance yourself from guessing.

Stop playing the guessing game all the time. Guessing what has happened and what is happening isn’t going to do you any good. You are your own person and you make the decisions in your life. Sometimes the best things in life are unknown, and we shouldn’t forget that.

6. Be more mindful.

Mindfulness for those who do not know is a means of being aware. Being as present in the moment and nonjudgmental as you can be. Through being mindful you will be kinder to yourself, your thoughts, your emotions and so much more. This can make things a lot better all the way around.

7. Remove unhelpful thoughts.

If a thought is making things harder for you remove it. Cut things out that do not serve you and move forward in a positive light. While this one is hard for a lot of people once you master it you are capable of so much more. While it might not seem that interesting, it is very beneficial.

8. Work with the 333 rule, trick your mind to relax.

Look around yourself and the area you’re present in, find three things that will be able to bring you back to the present moment. Pick a color and find three things of that color or listen for three different sounds. The more you work at this the more present you will be.

9. Immerse yourself in a hobby.

Find something you like and do it, get yourself interested in things that take your mind off of things that don’t matter in the first place. You can draw, play sports, do whatever you want. There are tons of options and you should keep that in mind.

10. Work to create a solution.

Figure out a way to solve the problem behind whatever is making you anxious. Work through the things holding you back and put a plan in action that will take you where you need to be. This is something that takes time but it makes a big difference in your overall mood.

11. Talk to someone you trust.

Sometimes talking to other people is exactly what you need. Talk to someone who cares about you and let them be there for you in your time of need. They won’t let you done and will help you figure out a plan.