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Bottling is never okay, I have said this time and time again. Bottling your emotions is not an effective way of dealing with them and it will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the butt.

Hiding your inner feelings and trying to mask your emotions will only cause inner division and wage a storm against you that you are not equipped to fight. Acting like everything is fine is not the way to handle things. Pretending to be okay does not make you okay.

Below you will find a list of things that you don’t notice are happening when you are hiding your true emotions. Please be true to yourself and do not try to be someone you aren’t. If you are upset, let the person upsetting you know and if you are happy by all means, be happy.  This should not have to be a problem.

11 Things That You Don’t Realize Are Happening When You Hide Your True Emotions:

1. You become a hardened version of yourself

You push yourself to have a rough exterior. You are afraid that other people will find out how you truly feel about things so you try to put on a good show. You let your relationships suffer because of this.

2. You retreat

You become more introverted. You don’t want to be around people as often because you feel like no one really understands you. This is because you won’t let them in.

3. You stop taking care of yourself properly

You let yourself fall through the cracks. You are bottling things up to the point where you feel miserable and aren’t sure why. This needs to stop.

4. You try to keep yourself busy

You push yourself to do more because you think it will just go away but it won’t. You cannot work away these bottled emotions. Hidden emotional turmoil is one of the worst things you can force on yourself.

5. You tell everyone you are fine

You pretend to be fine, when someone asks you don’t bother to mention what is really on your mind. This is your fault. They cannot see through your lies.

6. You fake happiness

You put on a show and make everyone think you are a happy person when you are not. You are exhausted and drained and just need to let everything out. Until you work through these emotions you will never actually be happy.

7. You use humor as a crutch

You run from your true emotions and when in doubt you laugh it out. You always figure out a way to make things into a joke. Joking makes it easier for you to brush off.

8. You refuse to speak up

You will not speak up no matter how hard it gets. You refuse to accept these emotions and they are haunting you. Speaking up is not as hard as you think it is.

9. You refuse to share any and all worries

You won’t even share your worries with your closest friends and family. They are all closed off from who you really are. When you live life like this you will never be able to fit in, your loved ones would be more than glad to help you work through your emotions if only you would let them.

10. You begin to feel things more intensely

Every time someone brings you down a little more the pain becomes more intense. You are not dealing with any of it so it is getting worse. This is how bottling works.

11. You blow up

You eventually get to a point where your bottle is full and you cannot hold anything else. This is the point where you explode and everyone around you has lost your mind. Please don’t let it get to this point.