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Toxic people tend to do the same things time after time and while we don’t usually want to acknowledge it, being aware of it is important. The more willing and capable we are of spotting these kinds of things, the more aware we will be when ties need to be cut with specific people.

For anyone who somehow might be unaware, toxic people are those who refuse to be supportive, manipulate others be it emotionally or otherwise, neglect/hurt the people closest to them, and force them to feel ‘less than’ all the while acting as if they’re the nicest people in the world. Toxic people come in many shapes and sizes in this world and you can’t just allow them to run rampant in your life. The more present they are the more they will pull you down.

Below I am going to go over some of the things toxic people usually do so that figuring out who is toxic and who isn’t becomes much easier. While not all of these signs will be present in every single toxic individual you come across, they will be present in most of them. How many of these things have you seen in those closest to you?

11 Things Toxic People Tend To Always Do:

1. They tend to say things that eat away at you.

When they talk to you it’s like they’re talking down to you. They say small things and make remarks that leave you feeling out of place or like you’re not good enough. This is something they might say is a joke but it doesn’t feel like a joke. The longer it goes on the lower and lower your self-esteem will become.

2. They seemingly attack you out of nowhere.

No matter what mood the two of you are in, you’re always at risk of being attacked. This person will tear you down at any chance given and even over things you had nothing to do with. It’s like you’re this person’s personal punching bag.

3. They always have to out-do you.

This person is always working to do better than you have done or are doing. He or she wants to outdo you through any means necessary. While you might not think this is a competition, they do.

4. Communication is lacking big time, and they never want to talk things through.

When it comes to actually sitting down and talking through your problems getting through to this person is impossible. No matter what you do things never change and there is no real sense of trust. You both are on different pages, and he/she refuses to allow that page to become the same one.

5. You can’t ever figure them out.

No matter how much you talk to this person or how close you become to them, you still cannot figure them out. They are always in your mind coming across in a way that doesn’t seem to align with what you’re seeing. Things just never seem to add up.

6. The more time you spend with them the more apparent it is they don’t really care about you.

The more time you spend with this person the more clear their intent becomes. They don’t care about you or the things you’re doing in life. They just want to get things from you and benefit through knowing you. Nothing else matters to them in regards.

7. When they’re having a bad day they make sure to ruin the days of everyone around them as well.

When this person is having a rough time they take it out on everyone around them. They bring you down and leave you feeling like crap because they think that is the way to handle their own situations. They are unable to truly face their own emotions and it shows.

8. Everything they do is for their own gain.

The more you pay attention the more you will notice that everything they do benefits them and no one else. They don’t do anything for other people or go out of their way to make any kind of real efforts. If they cannot use you, they do not want to be around you.

9. They love giving you the silent treatment.

These kinds of people when they’re not getting what they want go out of their way to give people the silent treatment. They make sure that the people around them know they’re not budging until they get what they want, and they will ignore the people who care about them for as long as it takes. This is a very frustrating thing to experience and can seriously damage some people.

10. They never own up to their mistakes.

These people make mistakes just like everyone else, but they are never responsible for them. They blame others for all the things they do and close off everyone be it at one point or another. Far too often they play things off as someone else’s fault.

11. They always beat you down, even in the midst of serious accomplishments.

When you’re doing your best they will do all they can to break you. After you give them good news they will always have something negative to say. It’s like they cannot ever just be happy for you.