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Sure, we might be comfortable around one another, and we might share almost everything, but there are some things I still want to and will keep to myself. You can be completely in love with someone and still keep your most private moments private.

We all strive to be as open and honest in our relationships as we can possibly be but even the most loving and connected couples have their boundaries. Boundaries are not something that hold us back, they cultivate a sense of self and leave us able to really enjoy our alone time. While I love my boyfriend and know that he loves me, there are still some things I just don’t want to share with him and there is nothing wrong with that.

Below I am going to go over some of those things and I encourage all of you to think about this topic yourself. Are there things that you keep to just yourself and if so, why? Are there lines drawn within your relationship or are you more open than most would be?

Even when we’re old and wrinkly, I will still avoid doing these things in front of him. Not because I’m ashamed of them but because I feel they are just mine to enjoy, even if some of them are a bit ‘too weird’ to boot. No, he wouldn’t mind but that’s not the point. We all do gross stuff and some of those gross things are not things we would be willing to allow others to see. Chances are you do most of what I’m going to list whether you would admit to it or not.

11 Things My Boyfriend Will Never See Me Doing:

1. Checking out my ‘private parts’ in the mirror.

Yes, I look at my genitals in the mirror. I just want to make sure everything looks normal and I know how crazy it can appear. If you’ve ever squatted over a mirror you know exactly what I’m talking about. I just want to see what the view is like and while I’m fine with it, I’d rather my boyfriend not get to experience me, experiencing me.

2. Eating Nutella with my fingers.

Nutella is delicious and while my boyfriend is home I hold myself back a bit and opt for a spoon but once he leaves if I’m in the mood for some, it’s all fingers. He doesn’t eat much Nutella anyways so I doubt it would be an issue. Eating Nutella off the fingers is just much more enjoyable, don’t be a hater.

3. Watching soap operas in languages I cannot understand.

Soap operas are so much better when they’re in Spanish and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. While I cannot speak Spanish, reading subtitles doesn’t bother me one bit. That being said, the fact that I sit crying while watching them regardless of what is going on might come across as a bit concerning for my boyfriend and so, I keep that part of myself concealed.

4. Taking a poop.

Sure, I will pee in front of my boyfriend but when it comes to letting my Taco Bell out I feel that is something I need to do on my own. No matter how much I love him I am not going to force him to face that side of me. That is a side of me no one should be subject to.

5. Popping blackheads and zits in general.

When it comes to popping zits or blackheads I get far too into it. No one should see this, and so I am not going to put him through that. When I go to town on my face, I do so from behind a locked bathroom door.

6. Dancing naked while home alone.

We all dance naked sometimes but the idea of my boyfriend seeing my already unappealing body flailing around in that manner doesn’t sound fun. Yes, I know he loves me and all that entails but dancing naked alone is something I wouldn’t want to bring him into. It is a way for me to really let go and with him around I just wouldn’t be able to ‘get down’ to Ke$ha in the ways I would want to. That is a kind of magic he is just not ready for.

7. Seeing how far across the room I can flick my boogers.

Sure, I know this is a gross thing to do in the first place but I can’t help myself. Considering I am the one cleaning the boogers up I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I just want to see how far it will go.

8. Peeing in the shower.

Peeing in the shower is something I am sure almost everyone does. While I wouldn’t do it with him around, I am more than comfortable doing it when I’m on my 0wn. After all, it goes down the drain and my shower is quite clean as is.

9. Singing in my car.

When it comes to singing in the car, I really get down. Considering our tastes in music are so different, and I wouldn’t want to burst his eardrums, he most likely won’t be able to experience all that comes with my (amazing) singing voice. I guess in this regard my boyfriend is truly missing out but again, some things are much more enjoyable when they’re things we do all on our own.

10. Taking naked pictures, just to delete them right after.

Chances are you’ve done this before. I wouldn’t want my man to see me snapping 100 photos of my butt to make sure I look alright, because I know he would take it the wrong way. Sure, they all get deleted after but most men just don’t get it.

11. Making a pile of dandruff flakes before taking a shower/checking to see how bad my dandruff is.

As satisfying as this is, I know it is a bit gross. I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to see me making my snowy mountain of dandruff flakes, because to be completely honest, it is a bit weird, isn’t it? As good as it feels, it just isn’t something I feel he would even want to see either way.

I am sure my boyfriend has a list like this of his own, we are all different in our own ways and sometimes the strangest things we do are often things we don’t ‘put out there.’ My boyfriend would probably thank me for not sharing these things with him if he saw this list. How long would yours be if you made one?