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A lot of people on this planet go through life not realizing the abilities hidden within their beings. While they feel different, they never take the time to explore the potential they have.

Some of us are much more psychic than we could ever fathom and through that capable of many things. Psychic abilities come in many forms and can range in a lot of different areas of a person’s life. Becoming more aware of your own abilities will help you grow both spiritually and mentally. In accepting your power for what it truly is you will begin to really understand why you’re here on this planet.

Being a psychic being comes with lots of symptoms and signs whether you notice them right away or not. Below I am going to go over some of those signs and symptoms. If these things are present in your life, there could be something locked away deep within your being waiting to come out.

11 Signs and Symptoms That You Have Psychic Abilities:

1. Your intuition is extremely strong.

You just know things and cannot explain it. You get weird feelings out of nowhere that pushes you to where you need to be. It’s as if the universe has your back all the way.

2. You hear voices.

You tend to hear voices that are coming from nowhere. It’s like there is someone or something trying to get your attention or making you aware of something. Perhaps you’re tapping into something most others cannot.

3. You used to have imaginary friends.

If you used to have imaginary friends then you might be ignoring an ability that could benefit you in a lot of ways. When we are younger we are more open to things that we as adults forget to stop and think about. Perhaps those imaginary friends weren’t as imaginary as you thought they were.

4. You experience a lot of deja vu.

If you feel like you’ve already experienced something but have not yet experienced it, there could be a reason for that. Some people are capable of catching glimpses into the future even if just on occasion. While this kind of thing is often dismissed it shouldn’t be.

5. You are more sensitive than most other people.

The more sensitive you are the more prominent the reason could be. Sensitive people are often some of the most gifted individuals. They experience things in a way different from everyone else.

6. You receive a lot of messages in your dreams.

If you are someone that is sent messages in your dream state you are very spiritually gifted. You are able to speak with the other worlds when you’re asleep and this is something that many are not capable of. You can cross the path placed before you without struggle.

7. The energies around you weigh you down heavily.

If the energies around you weigh down on you more than they do others you are able to tap into things other people cannot tap into. This is because you are operating on a higher vibration and resonate deeper than they do. This is something that might come as a surprise but will make a lot of sense as time passes by.

8. People are always coming to you with their problems.

Psychic people are often the people others come to for advice even if it might not seem like it. This is because they are able to give better insight into things than others would be. They face the issue from a different mindset.

9. You feel instant connections with others.

If you feel instant connections with some people and not others you are probably very psychic on some level. You can sense the energies of the people in your life and how they change. When someone shifts their mind you can sense it and are able to read their intentions. This is a psychic ability even if it doesn’t seem like much.

10. You feel deeply connected with nature.

Those with psychic abilities are more connected with nature than most others are. They are able to feel the connection we all share with the world around us and relate to it in a way that is truly remarkable. This kind of connection is something others will overlook.

11. You tend to get more tension headaches than most others do.

Psychic people tend to get more tension headaches than those who are not because they are doing more with their minds. Even when they’re just functioning normally, they are working to filter the things around them. Everything is affecting them and the energies before them are making a serious difference in how they perceive the world.

Image via Imagine Spirit