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While we think about and speak on toxic relationships a lot we don’t often take the time to go over what makes a healthy functional one. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether the love you have is positive or negative?

There are tons of things that strong healthy couples do within their relationships that make them all the more amazing. When we are working to build each other up and not tear anyone down things seriously begin to change. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that indicate you are in a positive relationship with your lover and how these positive things benefit you. If you’re with someone who treats you right and is focused on growing with you, you’ve got someone that you should hold onto.

11 Signs That You And Your Significant Other Are In A Strong Healthy Relationship:

1. You both support one another.

When you’re in a positive relationship you and your partner are going to be supportive. You will be able to lean on one another and really say the things that need to be said. When times are hard you have each other’s backs. There is no tearing you apart.

2. You are an actual ‘team.’

You both work together and grow together. When you’re in a healthy relationship your lover is also your biggest fan. He or she will build you up and stand by your side all the while not being afraid to speak his or her mind. You know this person is coming from a place of kindness no matter what is happening.

3. You are able to talk about anything.

Being in the right kind of relationship comes with a lot of capabilities. Being able to communicate properly is one of the most important things you will find in a positive relationship. You do not have to hold back, ever.

4. You are both happy and no one’s emotions are left out.

Dating someone who cares about you and your well-being is magical. When you’re with someone who is right for you both of you will be happy and be able to take care of one another. Your emotions, as well as your partners, are both being taken care of properly.

5. You don’t get physical or violent towards one another when angry.

Being in a relationship dominated by hatred and violence is not being in a healthy relationship, point blank. If you are with someone who lashes out and hurts you then you need to move on and find someone worth being with. Positive relationships do not tear anyone down in these ways.

6. You both have time to yourselves.

We all need our alone time, it’s important. Being in a strong healthy relationship comes with being able to function when you’re apart from one another. You don’t have to spend every second of every day by one another.

7. You both have a future in mind together.

You both know that you’re going to be together five years from now. The future is mapped out, and you’re working towards something great. The more you do together the better this plan becomes.

8. You bring out the best in each other.

You are better when you’re together. Your partner makes you a better person and vice versa. Growth is something you cannot avoid when you’re in a positive relationship.

9. You share realistic expectations for the relationship.

No one is holding the other to a higher standard. Everything is as it should be. Healthy relationships are not unrealistic relationships.

10. You both respect your differences.

We all have our differences and strong couples know this all too well. You respect one another enough to know you’re not always going to agree on things. There is nothing wrong with being true to who you are.

11. You both trust one another.

Trust is something healthy relationships are not lacking. You are able to accept 0ne another without question because you’ve got no reason not to. Things are as they should be.