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For eons, indigenous and spiritual tribes have experience what was referred to as soul loss. However, as time has passed, this phenomena has slowly started to saturate various members of society, due to an immense lack of awareness, trauma, or a major spiritual circumstance.

There are various theories on what happens when we experience this, ranging from our souls entering into a different realm or reality, to complete possession. Shamans believed that unless we retrieved them, we would never feel complete. And there is a form of therapy, called soul retrieval that many swear by. You can read more about it by following the embedded link here.

An immense, and sudden feeling of emptiness. 

While feeling empty can happen during our lives, if you experience other symptoms and this follows a strange occurrence or event, you may be experiencing soul loss. 

You suddenly feel like you don’t belong.

You just can’t seem to find your place, and no matter how hard you try to connect with others- you simply can’t.

Your daily life feels meaningless.

You just don’t feel like you have a purpose. In turn, you may retreat to bed, or lay on the couch constantly, wondering, ‘What’s the point?’

You don’t feel like you are in control. 

Nothing in your life is working out, and it seems like outside forces are at work, yet you push this notion away. 

You constantly feel tired and fatigued.

You just can’t get to a point in which you have energy, mentally, physically and otherwise. And there is no medical explanation.

It seems as though you are multiple people living in one body.

One day, you may feel one way, and completely against something. The next, you are acting on the very thing you said you wouldn’t, and you can’t help but wonder, ‘Who is in charge?’

You are emotionally numb.

Nothing makes you happy, sad, lonely, anxious, or really anything at all. You are numb, and everything feels the same. 

You can’t sleep, often for days.

While it is normal to experience insomnia- when it continues for days, this can be a problem.

After a traumatic event, you feel as though you aren’t the same person. 

Something dark and traumatic happened to you, and since then, you just aren’t you. And this is changing your life in big ways.

You can’t remember major gaps in your life.

While it is normal to forget some things, it isn’t to block out entire decades.

You don’t feel whole. 

You feel as though you are missing a major part of yourself, and are constantly seeking that part that is gone. 

Image via Teorii Incredible Generic on Youtube